Modern Medicine: Treatment for Acne

This is an adolescence syndrome when young boys and girls, at pubertal stage or even after that, experience emergence of crop of pimples on the face – moves on checks, beneath tower tip and chin, near the ears, but rarely under the eyes, this is said to be a symptom of approaching young age when, due to glazed oily skin, red pimples appear on face. When such pimples are pluked, pus, blood or thick yellow fluid exudes therefrom. Constant plucking leaves back blemishes on the facial skin and appearance gets destorted which is a mentally and psychologically shattering situation for the youngones.

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Modern Medicine: Treatment for Fungal Infections (Ring Worm)

It is a known fact fungus breeds under moisture, hence where there is moisture on the skin severe irritation, cropped pimples and foul smell are bound to surface. The dermatologist will get a scraping from the affected area and examive the same under microscope and, if his diagnosis conforms fungal infection (Candida), then antiungal treatment is given.

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Modern Medicine: Treatment for Scabies

It is a skin infection caused by the ‘ITCH’ mite (Sarcoptes scabiei’). Scabies generally occurs at night when there in incessant, severe and inolerable itching, Causing great restivity, red papules and smarting. The female mite tunnels in the skin so as to lay her eggs and the newly hatched mites easily pass from one person to another. If a person is suffering from the ‘itch’, he willpass on the infection to other members in the family. So all the members and their clothes are required to be discinfected including beadding items.

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Modern Medicine: Treatment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common and chronic skin disease in which red, scaly, itchy patches form on the Scalp, elbows, forearms, knees, legs and various other parts of the body, affecting about 1 -2% of the population. Its cause is not known. It is rarely found in the infants and the elderly but is often seen to run in families. Its cause was thought to be anxiety. It mostly occurs in childhood or adolescencle. It may also occur arthritic patients (Psoriatic Ar-thritis).

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Modern Medicine: Treatment for Herpes Simplex and Herpes Loster

This Condition manifests itself in the form of inflammation of the skin and is characterced by appearance of small lobsters – Caused by Viruses. Herpes simplex (Called Cold Sore also) Can cause acute conjunctivitis or even inflammation of Vagina or mouth, though same people contract the virus even without showing any symptoms.

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Modern Medicine: Treatment for Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Rheumatism

It is a disordered Condition when there is inflamation of one or more joints, Characterised by pain, redness, swelling and heat with restricted motion, Harrison says that over 80 diseases may cause arthritis including rhematoid arthritis (R.A), gout, osteoarthritis, tuberculosis and other infections. Exact diagnosis is assested by examination of the pattern of affected joints, x-rays, examination of synovial fluid by aspiration of a swollien joint. Any disease that involves synovial membrane(s) can cause degeneration ofthe cartilage and resultant arthritis. Cervical / lumbar spondylites/spondylosis, pain in wrist, shoulder (frozen shoulder), elbow (Tennis elbow), Hips, knees, ankles, feet etc are simply varied forms of arthritis

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Modern Medicine: Treatment for Pruritis (Intense itching)

Pruritis is actually itching, Caused by local irritation of the skin or, at times, due to Nervous disorders also (“Severe itching is a symptom of same forms of Jaundice”-1 larrision). In women, pruritis of the vulva is caused by some vaginal infection or yeast organisms that usually flourish in diabetes (especially when there is sugar in the urine. Piles, intestinal worms, poor hygiene may cause anal pruritis. Pruritis on and around genitals, armpits or other hairy parts may be caused by sweating, diabetes, leuccorrheal flow or use of synthetic garments.

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Modern Medicine: Treatment for Cervical Spondylitis

This a painful condition of the neck when there is an acute pain while turning, bending the neck forward, backwards sideways the problem arises due to narrowed gap in the cervical verterbrea. In addition to pain, while moving the neck, there is cricking sound, and stiffness. As a result of all such symptoms, the pain may radiate to shoulders, shoulders blades, either or both the arms, in condition to nausea, headache and vertigo – though all these symptoms may not manifest in some patients.

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Modern Medicine: Treatment for Nervous Disorders

In Allopathy, there are brand names and generic names-out of which brands are simply the trade names used by drug manufacturing companies, and they are known and popular in the market by those very names, but the latter indicate the acutual constituent (s) or ingredient (s) from which a drug has been processed. Readers are liable to get confused by different brands introduced in the market by pharmaceutical companies but, as far generic names are concerned, there is no occasion for confusion, though no reader is expected to know the ingredient(s), from which a particular drug has been processed.


It is wrong to conclude that medicines have no side effects and also whatever dose is taken will meet a particular situation in a specific disorder. Let it be fully understood that each medicine has its own side-effects which only a doctor knows. Further, certain drugs (medicines) when combined or alternated with other medicines enhance and / or reduce effect of the main drug but, in other cases, those also offset or damage the effectivity also,

symptoms do not correspond or when two or more drugs create adverse symptoms or reactions. For instance, pain-killers are aided with muscle relaxants and/or transquilisers/sedatives, One has to be extra cautious while using steroids, because they are given for a specific period within/after which the dosage is required to be gradually tapered. Certain drugs and groups are contra-indicated in particular disorders, for instance corticostriods are not given to diabetics. Similarly, tetracylin group is not combined with antacids.

Some drugs are meant to be used for a specific disorder and required to run a full prescribed course-as is the case with antibiotics and anti-tubercular drugs. If the treatment is left in-between, the patient has to start the course afresh.

As for dosage, each case and its state of malady has to be individualised, for the simple reason that dosage and repetition or frequency of the dose will be determined according to age, sex and the stage at which a particular disorder has reached. For example, in case of infants, children, adults, pregnant ladies, old persons and terminal cases, acute or chronic cases, dosage and frequency will naturally vary in each case.

Some drugs are prescribed only after relevant and requisite clinical tests have been carried out, as is in the case of diabetes, etc. Clinical investigations/tests form the basis for use of specific drugs in certain ailments. There is no harm if a doctor becomes more precise after he’ knows what clinical tests are required.

Modern investigation revolve, around blood and urine tests, stool examination, urine culture, sputum test, x-rays, ultra-sound, cat-scan, M.R.I etc. Modern diagnostic devices help a lot in arriving at a particular decision as to at which stage a disease has reached and also which medicine would suit best under the circumstances. Despite all the advances made in diagnostic methods and the research work carried in the field of new medicines, there is every reason to feel assured that some day some proven and tested drug will be brought to limelight that would cure ‘incurable’ diseases like Cancer, Aids etc.

Finally, if you suffer from any disorder, at once consult your doctor.