Urine Therapy: Introduction

Owing to the increasing part played by vested interests inmany branches of human endeavour, not least in the very lucrative providing of remedies for disease, intelli- gent members of the public are growing more and more distrustful of orthodox medical methods.Many people must have asked themselves the following questions How comes it that for over fifty years the ortho- dox cancer researchers have been occupying them- selveswith the cause and cure of malignancy, yet stillcan suggest nothing better than the knife, radium or X-rays?

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Urine Therapy: Some Objections on Urine Therapy Answered

Before proceeding, it is advisable to deal with some objections which have been, and may still be, raised. It has been argued that if man were intended to drink his own urine he would have been born with the instinct to do so. But one may as well argue that because man has not been born with the instinct to do deep breathing exercises or adopt other measures which have proved conducive to health, they are therefore invalid or reprehensible.

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Urine Therapy: Urine – Water of Life

Before relatingmy own experiences with urine- therapy, it is advisable to quote some opinions derived from both ancient and modern sources as to the value of urine as a curative agent. Towards the beginning of last century, a book entitled One ‘Tho,v “”d Notable Things’ was published sim’ata- neously in , -,’ Scotland and Ireland. ” An universal and excellent remedy for all distempers inward and outward drink you own water in the morning nine days together and it cures the scurvy, makes the body lightsome and cheerful. “It is good against the dropsy and jaundice, drun., as before (stated). ” Wash your ears with it warm and it is good against deafness, noises and most other ailments in the ears. ” Wash your eyes with your own water and it cures sore eyes and clears and strengthens the sight. “Wash and rub your hands with it and it takes away numbness, chaps and sores and makes the joints limber.

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