Health Farming: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Those who are deficient in health and then regain it realise that prevention is better than cure. If the loss of health can be prevented it is better and such person has better reasons to be grateful to nature.

Preventing disease and building health are the primary ends, cure comes next. Those who are wealthy know the need for survival because the building of their financial empire is less important than the building of his health to enjoy this wealth. Only with good health can they enjoy and have fun and the fruits of life.

The body is the most beautiful creation of God. It has its own mechanism to fight disease. It is self-maintaining machine and self-sustaining. It can run itself efficiently and can do its repairs when need arises.

A new hints to remember:-

If you know your mistakes and avoid committing them you will improve your health – you are a strong person.

If you know your mistakes and carry on with them you will get unwell but will be able to come out of it by mending your mistakes. You are an average person.

If you make mistakes and do not know that you are making them you are incapable of avoiding them you will get diseased and will not able to come out of it, you are a weak person. Health is man’s birth right. It is natural to be well as to be born.

All pathological conditions, all diseases and all tendencies to diseases are the result of the transgression of physiologic and hygienic law. This is the science of health in a nutshell.

When penicillin was produced there was euphoria: Man had found a cure for infections. With the passage of time we have come to know that it is not so. Penicillin has its own limitations. Every 2-3 years we develop a new generation of mycin and in 2-3 years they become ineffective due to growth of resistant bacteria. They help to check infection no doubt, but they cause side effects.

With the arrival of cancer and Aids we have come to realize the limitations of drugs. We know that the food we eat and environmental hazards are responsible for cancer. More fat in the diet and lack of fibre cause cancer. New research is on to develop treatment within our body itself through – antibody reaction, relying on the body’s immune system. if we are not careful with our food, exercise and relaxation, inspite of our best scientific knowledge new diseases will keep on cropping up.

Some more points to remember:

Do not rush to the doctor when you get fever, wait for 2-3 days, it may subside of its own. When you have fever the antibody formation goes up over 20 times more at 40 C (102 F). This means that the body is gearing up to fight for itself.

Do not take medicines for minor ailments like cold or headaches, wait and see, many a times these will disappear within days. Cold is a viral infection, it will take 5-7 days to make itself scarce whether you take drugs or not. In fact, no medicine is effective for viral infection.

Most innocent looking drugs are not so innocent, they have side effects.

Choose a good doctor who prescribes minimum drugs. A correct diagnosis depends on his expertise and skill.

This is why it is better to wait for 2-3 days and have a proper diagnosis before treatment, give the body a chance to cure itself. Yoga is coming to the rescue of medical science in many ways. The hold of the mind over matter has become the magic of the modern era. For centuries yogis of India practiced self-control. They have been able to cure illnesses that doctors were unable to. They believe in bio feedback and their key phrase is “patient heal thyself”.

Experiments show that with the aid of sensitive machines, patients can control certains body function, previously thought to be uncontrollable. Scientists have found the illnesses connected with the heart, brain, muscle groups and circulatory systems can be overcome if not cured completely by bio feedback which is connected with our ability to control alpha brains waves and the electro impulses from the limbic system located just below the cortex.

Scientists in 1935 said that the alpha waves normally occur when our eyes are closed for sometime, when we stare into the distance. The brain normally produces only beta and generally cause the body and nervous system to slow down and relax. In 1910, the German hypnotist, Johan Schultz, taught patients to talk themselves into a relaxed state. He had surprising results. For instance when they repeated the phrase “my hands are warm” their hands did in fact grow warmer.

In 1964 American doctors confirmed Schultz experiments through instruments which monitored skin temperature. The volunteer was asked to relax and feel that his hands were getting warmer. The instrument recorded increase in heat in their hands. Whether in insomnia, anxiety, blood pressure and asthma, or paralysis, pains in the back, migraine and tension headaches, doctors realise the modern stress in creating a havoc with our health.

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