Acupressure: Know Your Body

Of all kinds of happiness, the best happiness is good health i.e. freedom from any worries about one’s body or diseases. That is why we should know more about our body and how to look after it.According to science the human body appeared on Earth more than 5 million years ago. It is the greatest wonder. It is intriguing to find out which machine of the present machine-age is not placed in our body by the Creator.

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Acupressure: Parts Of Body

Skeleton: The frame of a fully developed body looks like the skeleton shown in the picture here. It is composed of 206 bones, which are of different types. The skull bones are devised to give maximum protection to the brain-the atomic reactor, supercomputer and telephone exchange of our body, vertebrae spine bones give protection to the sciatic nerves-the main cable, cage of ribs give protection to the vital lungs and heart, and bones of hands and legs give movement.

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Brain Functions According to Acupressure Treatment


It is the atomic reactor; supercomputer and also telephone exchange of our body. It is the most important part of our central nervous system. Being of great importance, it is protected by the skull and also kept floating in the cerebrospinal fluid.

Moreover, it coordinates the muscular movements while walking and running and maintains posture and equilibrium of the body. Till birth, all the activities are controlled by the small brain. After birth, its control is taken over by the big brain-the cerebrum.

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Acupressure for Recharging of Life’s Battery

Due to excessive abuse of sex, when the level of semen goes down, the process of doubling semen becomes slow and induces reverse process of damaging the bone marrow-bones and blood-which in turn slows down the process of creating enough red cells and enough antibodies.

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Acupressure for Better Reproductive System

When there is a union-intercourse between a male and a female, semen containing about 4 to 5,00,000 spermatozoa is discharged by the male organ into the vagina and only when a sperm is successful in entering the egg of the female, it creates an atomic explosion-the child is conceived.

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Acupressure Therapy and Practice

From the study of the previous articles you must have come to know that the greatest wonder in this cosmos is the human body. Our body is well equipped with the best, automatic, delicate but the most powerful machines – Heart and Lungs (a non-stop pumping set); Eyes – a wonderful camera-cum-projector system; Ears – an astounding sound system; Stomach-a wonderful chemical laboratory.

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Acupressure Charts and Mechanism: Part 1

According to Acupuncture, Shiatsu or Pointed Pressure Therapy, there are about 900 points all over the body on the meridians shown in figures. Puncturing is done or pressure is applied on these points to cure illness or pain or to create an anaesthetic effect. However, this requires a good deal of study and skill and so, a layman cannot do it.

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Bringing Solar Plexus to Order through Acupressure

Solar Plexus (Point No. 29) : This is also known as ‘Nabhi Chakra’ the controlling centre for all the organs below the diaphragm. This concept of ‘Nabhi Chakra’ is not found in any other therapies except in Ayurved’, the Indian Medical Science of Life. This proves that this therapy had originated in India. For disturbances in all the organs below the diaphragm it is necessary to apply pressure treatment to this Point No. 29.

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