Acupressure for Recharging of Life’s Battery

Due to excessive abuse of sex, when the level of semen goes down, the process of doubling semen becomes slow and induces reverse process of damaging the bone marrow-bones and blood-which in turn slows down the process of creating enough red cells and enough antibodies.

Thus the syndrome is weakened and when overworked endocrine glands stop producing vital hormones, this syndrome breaks and the body becomes prone to serious diseases. Another cause of AIDS’ (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is sexual relations with persons suffering from ‘HIV/AIDS’.

AIDS’ may also be caused through blood transfusion. If blood of person suffering from AIDS’ is given to a patient, the latter may acquire AIDS’. If all the blood collecting agencies, therefore take precaution and care in checking the blood of the donor, this possibility can be prevented.

Thus, it may be observed that self-conscious and self-respecting persons, need not worry about and get frightened of ‘HIV AIDS’ and should be careful only in taking blood transfusion.

Moreover, if the vital fluid semen is properly preserved till marriage at the right age and not abused (which is possible if the husband and wife remain faithful to each other), they will enjoy a life-time of blissful sex and conjugal happiness.

Base of Body:

The human body has an acido – alkaline base which is represented by grey and white matter in the brain and because of their action and reaction, electricity is produced in the body just like electricity produced in a dry battery.

Recharging of this Life Battery:

Our body has a special built-in device to recharge this inner nonchargeable transistor battery.

When we breathe through the right nostril (as it is connected with sun-positive) the degree of our internal heat increases. In the same way, when we breathe through the left nostril (which is connected with moon-negative) the degree of our internal heat decreases. It has been found recently that the difference between the highest and the lowest temperature is 09° C. (British Medical Journal)

When we breathe through our right nostril, the air goes into the brain and recharges +ve(Positive) part of our brain cells, grey or white matter (according to Indian Yogic philosophy). At that time, blood recharged with the air breathed in through the right nostril goes into the first ventricle and heat (+ve) is stored.

When it reaches the peak level, the current flows towards – ve (negative) and breathing automatically changes to the left nostril. The cooler air then goes in the brain and charges the negative substance, the grey matter (according to Indian yogic philosophy).

It is not known whether the white matter represents the (+ve) positive and grey matter represents negative (-ve) or vice-versa. The blood charged with the air breathed through the left nostril goes into second ventricle and recharges negative till it reaches a peak level and the current flows from the negative to positive.

Then, the breathing changes through the right nostril. Thus the change in levels of positive and negative goes on and the electricity so produced goes on flowing into the body. This is why there is an automatic change in the breathing from the right nostril to the left and vice-versa.

Now, when the cerebrospinal fluid passes through the spinal cord and goes down from the brain to the coccyx, because of grey and white matter in the vertebrae, electricity is produced and stored in the prostate where it remains idle called Kundalini-(serpent energy in yoga). Through certain yogic exercises, this latent electric power can be awakened and made to move upwards through different chakras (endocrine glands).

When it goes up and penetrates through Mooladhar Chakra-(sex glands), the sex power increases. When it penetrates Manipur Chakra-(Pancreas-Adrenal), it improves digestion. When it penetrates Vishudha Chakra – (Thyroid – Parathyroid) – it intensifies the process of purifying the body and tends to make it strong. When it penetrates Ajna Chakra- (Pituitary gland) one is able to command and when it penetrates Sahastrar Chakra-(Pineal gland), there is a light which can be seen in the middle of the forehead with closed eyes. In pranic healing, this is called getting Golden Crown on the head.

When the electricity reaches the brain, it slowly activates one by one 20,000 chips of the computer and a sense of new awakening (knowledge) starts emerging from within. One gets new perception of things, a new meaning of life. This process of reviving the latent electricity from the base of the body is called the awakening of Kundalini (the serpent power).

When the electricity penetrates through the Pituitary and Pineal glands, there is a predominance of these glands which in turn changes the whole character and outlook of a person.

From persons having predominance of Pituitary gland, arise great geniuses, eminent literary men, poets, scientists, philosophers, philanthropists and supermen. Persons with dominant Pineal gland, are worshipped in this world as saints, great men, incarnations of god, gifted with divine power. They taste heavenly bliss of self-realisation. They are an embodiment of great wisdom and tenderness and also have strong will power.

The brain cells are so protected that efforts, so far made, in the U. S. A. to recharge them directly have not become successful. However, it is observed, that water charged with gold/silver/copper has a pep-up effect on the assimilation process in our body, as it activates the function of digestion, heart, lungs and creation of cerebrospinal fluid.

That is why in all types of chronic diseases like Cancer, T. B., Asthma, Arthritis, Paralysis, etc., when vitality of the body is at the lowest and in all types of problems of brain, concentrated gold/silver/copper charged water has been found very effective. If at least one glass reduced from two glasses of gold/silver/copper charged water, is taken daily from the age of 50, it could help stop the process of ageing while a proper flow of electricity could be maintained through Acupressure treatment.

Working of Electricity : The electricity so produced flows to the brain and re-activates 2.4 to 3.3 billion cells of the brain. These cells are thinner than a hair and stand in a line like the teeth of a comb; when electricity passes the upper part of a cell, it bends and touches the next cell and passes the flow of electricity.

When this flow of electric current becomes weak and the flow is otherwise disturbed, the cell dries up and becomes brainsand. Increase in brainsand weakens the flow of electricity-slows down, in turn, the function of the other organs of the body and the ageing process starts. To prevent this process, the brain cells should be recharged; which is possible through gold/silver/copper charged water.

Electricity thus controls 2.4 (according to Western philosophy) to 3.3 (according to Indian philosophy) billion brain cells which are found to be of five types representing the five basic main elements of earth, metal, water, fire, air and space. These five elements form the metabolism of our body which controls all the functions.

All these five elements and seven endocrine glands are controlled by the electricity of the body.The same principle of five basic elements is accepted by Acupuncture.

The first figure shows the element that helps the other element. While in the second figure, it is shown which element controls the other element and how all these elements are counterbalanced (controlled). Basically, all these elements should remain in proper proportion which is called the Metabolism of the body. Any disturbance (excess or less) of one element leads to disturbance in other elements and becomes the root cause of a disease.

The Five Elements:


All the life forces become inert and inactive in this element and more energy is used to keep it active. People with more.weight, flesh, fat, etc. are good example of the predominance of this earth matter in our body. They do not show anxiety, are not eager to acquire any thing. They try to keep away from conflict and their life moves slowly. When there is a disorder of this element in the body, people become selfish and get attached to selfish enjoyments. It is a neutral element.


It keeps the flow of body and life. But it has a natural tendency to cool down. As there is about 72 % water in the body, it plays a very important role in the maintenance of heat and circulation of blood, etc. It is a negative element.


It creates fire in the body. It heats the water. It regulates sight, provides strength to the body by digesting the food, induces hunger and thirst, maintains suppleness of muscles and beauty of complexion. It helps thinking and facilitates the discrimination power of the brain. It helps the production of antibodies. In short, it is the starter of our body-car. Defects in the same cause anaemia, jaundice and other digestive problems.

They also cause fainting, epilepsy, derangement of the brain besides diminishing eyesight and causing growth of cataract in the eyes, producing acidity and also creating skin problems and depigmentation. That is why great importance is given in the eastern therapies to control and preserve the element of fire. It is a positive element.


Air is life itself. It is the strength and conducts every part of our body. It regulates the function of the heart, circulation of blood and maintains balance of the body. It helps respiration and downward movement of stools and urine. It produces sound, nourishes mental faculties and also the faculty of memory. It moves bile and phlegm which cannot move in the body by themselves. It is a positive element.


In order that air circulates in the body and maintains a proper balance, there has to be space. If such circulation is blocked, it creates pain even leading to heart attack, paralysis, fainting, etc. It is a negative element.

Prakruti Type – Different Combinations of Elements in the Body

If these five basic elements are maintained in proper proportion in the body, a proper metabolism is ensured and the body remains healthy. However, due to heredity, eating and living habits more often than not, we disturb one or two of these elements and thus, upset the metabolism and there is a predominance of three different types of combinations. Such combinations of these elements decide our types-(prakrutis.) Ayurved, the Indian medical therapy, has divided people into three types-

(1) Combination through excess of earth + water )”
(2) Combination through excess of fire+air and
(3) excess of air element. This therapy advocates that while treating the patients, one must keep in mind their respective types.

For those people having ‘kapha prakruti’, milk will only create problems. People, therefore, having bronchitis or asthma or indigestion should avoid milk. For people with ‘pitt prakruti’, spicy food will enhance their problem. Therefore, what is good for one type could be harmful to another.

Kapha Prakruti:

This is a combination of earth and water. These elements occupy the major portion of our body. Sweet foods and drinks when properly digested are reduced to saline and the blood becomes alkaline. It sustains the body system, increases vigour and there is a marked growth of happiness. It lubricates the joints of bones and keep them working properly. However, this is possible when there is proper element of fire-(heat in the body).

However, because of lack of exercise, overeating, eating between the meals when not hungry, eating more undigestible foods like concentrated sweets, fried things, etc.cause problems of indigestion and fail to produce enough heat in the body. This, in turn, leads to increase in water content and reduction of heat in the body, resulting in problems like dullness, heaviness, increase in fats, common cold, bronchitis and later on asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

The best way to cure the above ailments of kapha prakruti is to reduce the intake of undesirable foods, cold drinks and cold foods which only aggravate the problems. These people should eat only light digestble food when hungry, avoid sleeping during the day and over indulgence in sex. Even milk is harmful to them. They should take physical exercises and do more of sun Pranayam.

Pitta Prakruti:

It is a combination of Fire + Air excess of heat damages the working of brain. It leads to acidity, ulcer, cold due to heat, skin problems, even sex weakness, short temper and falling of hair. Now, in modern times more anxiety, worries, eating more of fried and spicy foods, more exposure to sun, excessive use of antibiotics by people increase their problems. It is, therefore, essential to avoid these things as much as possible.

They should control

(1) Adrenal and Pancreas
(2) take light purgative of Harde powder with a little sugar for 10 to 12 days in the beginning and then once/twice a week.
(3) take sweet fruit juices, first thing in the morning
(4) have more fruits, sweet desserts after eating and drink more green juices
(5) and do more moon pranayam.

Air/Vata Prakruti:

This condition prevails when there is an excess of the element of air. People belonging to this category are more talkative and have day dreams, and are prone to excess sleep and more gas trouble. These imbalances lead to fainting. The tendency to eat heavy-oily foods like fried and foods made out of gram, etc. increases this tendency. People in such condition should avoid constipation and sleeping during day time, have more physical exercise so as to increase heat and circulation and should avoid unsuitable foods. They should do more pranayam.

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