Pranic Healing: Mantra to Cure Cervical Spondylitis

Cervical spondylitis is a common ailment these days particularly amongst desk workers i.e. persons working for long hours on computer screens, typing machines, reading for long hours with neck bent. Also with age, the neck blood arteries get semi-clogged with waxy matter and other salt deposits, thus decreasing the supply of blood to the brain; which results in the development of pain in the cervical region of the spine and upwards in the brain. In acute stage of spondylitis pain, one must consult the personal physician.

Once the disease has been diagnosed and the acute pain stage relieved, one can get rid of cervical spondylitis permanently by inhaling/exhaling with the breathing mantras as follows, mounting a two fold attack on the disease in the most natural fashion

(i) to provide pranic life energy to the neck muscles by proper breathing

(ii) To strengthen the glandular system of our body, with the resonant sonic vibration of certain healing words, And the word ‘H’ is the cure Word for cervical spondylitis as it is the seed word for Vishudha/ Throat Chakra and it helps to strengthen the Thyroid gland which in turn helps the carbohydrates and fat metabolism in our body and thus also helping to remove fatty deposits from the cervical region and the oxygenated blood replete with pranic life energy scavenges the salty deposits away.

1) Thus Inhale with = AAHHAAN
Exhale with = OOHHOON

The word H also helps to re-establish the communication link between the lower body arid the brain, through the cervical region of the spine. That is why, the thyroid gland is called the watchman between the brain and the lower body.

2) And we can move the pranic life energy through the throat (H) to the crown of the Head with its seed word M, thus strengthening the right brain and the soothing pineal gland.

Inhale with = AAHHAAMMMM
Exhale with = MIHHOOO or MEEHHEEE

The word ‘Ahham’ in Sanskrit language- the mother of Hindi language means – I AM

3) In order to make the breath start from its natural origin in our body, we make use of the seed word S or SH for breath start. Both the words S, and the breath originate about 7 cms below Navel in our body.

Thus Inhale with = S AH HAM M M M
Exhale with = MIHHISH

4) We can fortify the healing effect of the above mantra, by including in it word Y or J- the seed words for Heart chakra. It strengthens the heart as well as imparts compassion to the Heart, the main characteristic of a Human Kind. Also, we can include the word R, which is the seed word for Manipur/ Navel Chakra or Solar Plexus. It represents Fire principle and helps to release the proper digestive juices, enzymes and hormones for proper assimilation of food.

Thus Inhale with = SARA-YAH-HAM
Exhale with = MIHI-JEE–RISHI

This mantra will also benefit obese persons to shed their fat and extra weight with the help of healing words H & R.

5) In the above mantra, we have forgotten to energize the left brain and the eyes and the conscious sense organs for which the seed word is N.

Thus Inhale with = SAHHAN
Exhale with = NIHHEESH

Thus, inhale/exhale with the above five mantras for one minute each, by speaking the mantra inwardly, softly and rhythmically, and as non-violently as possible to simulate the natural breathing as nearly as possible, and repeat it for five minutes in the evening daily, then I am sure, persons will never suffer from spondylitis and those suffering from this ailment will also benefit from it greatly but they should also supplement it with some neck exercises as follows:

(i) Move neck slowly without any jerk to the extreme right while inhaling with the mantra PAH AN and exhale with HIPPIEN, while bringing the neck back to middle position. Now move your neck to the extreme left, while inhaling with PAHAN & then exhaling with HIPPEEN, while bringing the neck from extreme left position back to the middle normal position. Do it for ten times or as convenient.

ii) Similarly lower your neck to its lowest position in the front, then move up your neck while inhaling with the mantra PAHAN and exhale with HIPPEEN while bringing the neck down.
Do it ten limes or as convenient. After the exercise, stop and watch the movement of the on-rush of bio-energy currents in the neck and the brain and the hands. This will open up the partial cloggingS in the neck blood arteries, thus alleviating I lie spondylitis problem.

(iii) Another beautiful exercise which can benefit greatly the spondylitis patients is to raise up and bring down the hands alternately as in natural walking, with this precaution. First observe, which one of your noses is breathing better. If the right nose (sun or hot breath) is flowing more easily, then raise your right hand up first. This will help to breathe from the right nostirl better, so as to be in tune with Nature.

(iv) Doctors usually advise the patient suffering from cervical spondylitis to sleep on the hard bed, with very thin pillow or no pillow at all, in order to facilitate the blood flow to the brain.

Breathing with the above mantras is the most natural method to re-establish the communication channels in the cervical spine region, thus affecting a permanent and lasting cure for cervical spondylitis.

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