Beauty & Makeup: Herbal Remedies for Baldness and Premature Greying of Hair

Herbal remedies for Baldness

1. Grind two or three cloves of garlic with a pinch of collyrium and apply to the hairless patch. In case of irritation, smear butter over the patch.

2. Dissolve a few grains of potassium permaganate in a few drops of water, and apply to the bald patches a few times a day. Continue this treatment for three weeks.

3. Grind tender leaves of Caper Berry (Karer) into a paste and apply on bald patches.

4. Wash the bald patches with the juice of Amla. Make a small cut with a razor or scalpel so that a little blood flows out. Now rub finely powdered Salmiac mixed with butter on it.

5. Put in a copper vessel some curdled milk (dahi). The vessel should be without tin coating. Now mix to it stave made of Neem wood. With repeated churnings the curdled milk turns green. Apply this to the hairless patches for a few days.

6. Grind 50 gms leaves of Tamarish (Farash) and make into pellets. Burn it in boiling mustard oil, then massage into the bald patches.

7. Rub the head with onion juice in the morning and evening till it the scalp turns red, then anoint with honey. Rinsing the hair with beer helps to stimulate the nerves of a bald scalp.

Herbal Remedies to Deal with Premature Greying of Hair

1. Take Giloy (Tinospora) and Gokharoo in equal quantity and mix to honey. Take one teaspoonful thrice a day.

2. Grind to a powder two parts Bhringaraja, one part Black Sesame seeds and one part Amla. Take one teaspoonful of this powder with milk and sugar twice daily for 4 to 6 weeks.

3. Grind to a paste equal quantities of old Mandur, Amla and Japa (Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis) flowers. Apply the paste on the head. When dry, wash the hair with water in which Amla has been soaked overnight.

4. Another paste recommended for pre-mature greying of hair is to grind 2 parts Amla, 2 parts Harad and 3 parts Mandur into a fine powder. A spoonful of the powder should be wetted with water, the paste may be kept in an iron vessel overnight and applied to the hair next morning. When the paste is dry, the hair should be washed off thoroughly with cold water.

5. Rinse hair with rosemary, sage or walnut leaves and shell.

6. Rinse hair with saffron, ginger root, marigold or red oak bark. Use henna to dye the hair.

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