Pranic Healing: Mantra to Cure Bronchial Asthma

In bronchial asthma, there is spasmodic inflammation of airways in the lungs, the air passages get narrowed and thereby cause choking sensation alongwith wheezing and cough. When the attack is severe, immediately call a doctor. The treatment usually given by doctors consists in administering bronchodilators either by mouth or inhalation (ii) and using antibiotics and corticosteroids to subdue the inflamation in the lung linings. Care should be taken to keep the living environment pollution free.

But to cure asthmatic patients permanently, we have to fortify his/ her immune system and this is quite possible to achieve by using breathing with the healing words as follows :-

(1) The first breathing mantra is BRONCH (BRANK) and the word BRONK can be spoken both as inhale as well as exhale Mantra as follows :-

Inhale with = BRANK
Exhale with = BROONK

The speciality of this breathing Mantra is that the word ‘BR’ helps to breath from the lungs with ‘B’ and also from the abdomen with ‘R’ which is indeed very desirable for the asthmatic patients because the lungs airways being inflammed and narrow, we must supplement breathing from the abdomen.

The word ‘R’ is the seed word for Navel chakra/ Solar plexus, it strengthens the liver, the abdominal glands and the Pancreas for proper digestion of food and assimilation of glycogen to give FIRE to our body. The word R’ also stimulates the adrenal gland which is our body’s emergency gland to meet the demand of Asthmatic patients.

Other body glands which need to be stimulated for the asthmatic patients are Thyroid and Parathyroid glands which are strengthened by the seed word ‘IT and above all the pituitary gland which is the master gland controlling the total glandular activity of our body, that is why pituitary gland is called ‘The master of the endocrine orchestra : and the pituitary gland is stimulated by ‘N’ – the seed word of Brow Chakra. Thus, the words R, H, N and any one of the words which help breathing apparatus are B, BH, P, PH, etc.

Thus, the simplest Mantra for asthmatic patient is:

(2) Inhale with = BRAHAN Exhale with = NIHIBREE

(3) Inhale with = B RAH AN ANTH Exhale with = NEEHI — BREATHE

In the breathing Mantra no 3, only the word TH has been added which helps in the mouth action of breathing, plus also strengthens the taste gland to help in the digestion of starches etc. and also stimulates the sense endings of our brain to develop control over the mind and breathing action.

(4) And a sure – shot breathing Mantra to cure asthmatic patients is :-

Inhale with = SHFA — BRAHAMAN
Exhale with = MIBHI — FRESHEN

The word ‘BRAHAMAN’ in Sanskrit/ Hindi language means God and the word ‘SHFA means health-giving. Thus in the Inhale Mantra, we are invoking the God to heal us.

In this inhale mantra, the breathing apparatus is supplemented in a three-fold manner :

(i) The word Sh helps to breathe, from the origin of the breath about 7 cm below navel. The word ‘SH’ also kindles the divine ‘Kundalini’ energy to move upward to illuminate and cure our body / mind system.

(ii) The word Ph or ‘F’ is the seed word for breathing from the lungs, it stimulates the lungs to breathe more efficiently.

(iii) The action of the word BRA & H has already been explained The word BRA helps to breathe both from the abdomen and the lungs.

(iv) And the word H also helps to breathe from the lungs/throat besides stimulating the Thyroid & Parathyroid glands.

(v) The word ‘M’ is the seed word of Crown Chakra, it strengthens the right-brain, the mind and the pineal gland, which is a pacifying gland.

(vi) And the word ‘N’ is the seed word for Brow Chakra which by it resonant sonic energy strengthens the left brain, the eye sight and the pituitary gland to boost our immune system so that we can fight the invading infection. Thus, it is a complete body/mind rejuvenating mantra to boost our total body immune system.

Inhale/exhale with any of the above mantras, by speaking the breathing mantra inwardly, silently, smoothly, slowly and rhythmically, to simulate the natural breathing without causing any violence to the already strained breathing system of asthmatic patient. Since the breathing mantras help us to breathe totally and efficiently, these fulfil our BEING with oxygen/pranic life energy besides stimulating various endocrine glands in our body to strengthen our total immune system.

Thus, inhale/ exhale with above breathing mantras for five to ten minutes in the morning and five to ten minutes in the evening but convenience is the watch word. Slowly, the time of breathing with the mantras can be increased but take care to select a pollution free environment for breathing with these mantras. This is an essential condition. This is to be supplemented by light nourishing diet suitable for asthmatic patient like tomato/vegetable/chicken soups and boiled/steamed vegetables etc as advised by the doctor.

So doing, slowly and steadily, the frequency of asthmatic attacks will become much less and then ultimately you will be able to completely get rid of bronchial asthma. So powerful and potent are these healing breathing mantras.

Last but not the least, gargling with a dilute luke warm solution of potash alum (K2So4Al2So4 24 H20) will help to subdue inflammation and hoarseness in the throat, thus giving great relief to asthmatic patients. Potash alum also helps to form new tissues to cure asthmatic patients.

Smoking and alcoholic drinks should be avoided alongwith fried and greasy foods. The stomach should always be kept at least l/3rd empty, for that, we must never resort to over-eating. Honey is soothing for the asthmatic patients and one spoon of honey mixed with one spoonful of ginger juice is good expectorant and helps to relieve cough.

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  1. Thanks for such priceless advice and detailed guidance.

    I will definitely include this with my daily morning Pranayama and am very confident of getting great relief from the debilitatingly severe asthma I am going through.

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