Nature Cure: Historical Background

Nature-cure is not something new to this country, though it was in Europe that it received a scientific bias, so as to be made acceptable to the modern man, whose sense of reasoning had considerably awakened with the coming up of renaissance in Europe. Man stopped believing in myths any more and began exploring reasonable background to every natural phenomenon, or happening. During his search for truth, he came upon many discoveries. Even a casual drop of apple from a tree gave a jolt to the awakened mind of Sir Isaac Newton—and in this simple happening he discovered the law of gravitational force and so on.

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Nature Cure: One Cause – One Treatment

Against the present theory of Medical Science that basically a germ is the cause of any disorder or disease in the body, the Naturo-path goes a step further, to establish by reason and example, that not germ, but the accumulated foreign matter in the body, is the basic cause of disease or the germ, whatever. His reasoning is that germs are always present in the air—the Medical Science, too, believes it—then why they don’t affect all people, even during an epidemic, like Cholera, Malaria, etc.

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Nature Cure: New School of Healing

While exercise is one way of getting heat in the body to fight against disease and keep the body healthy, there are other scientific methods like baths, fasting, etc., which not only keep the health of the body maintained, but also cure it in case of ailment.

While the effect of exercise does not always reach the inner-most organs of the body, baths on scientific lines, as suggested by Nature-cure, take their heating effects to those organs and purify them of their foreign matter.

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Nature Cure: Fevers – A Nature’s Revenge

An ailment or disease is but the Nature’s revenge over man’s neglect of his own health. But Mother Nature is a kind mother, too. A mother punishes or chastises her children for their faults, but to set them right. So too, Nature, when after long suppression of his faults in the body by man, takes to revolt, it almost turns violent and shows its wrath by causing fever, high temperature, hard breathing, perspiration, pain, swelling and all that we call by the name of ailment. But all this is her own way of treatment.

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Nature Cure: Effectiveness of the System

An example is better than precept, it is often said. Thus, before proceeding further on the subject, it is deemed necessary to take the reader into confidence about the efficacy of the Nature-cure treatment, by bringing to his notice some instances of serious and acute illness, where the case of the patient had been declared hopeless by the doctors, but he was saved by Nature-cure treatment.

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Nature Cure: Blood and Its Circulation

Since it is the circulation of blood that keeps the body healthy by providing food to the tissues and eliminating their wastes, it is necessary to know something about blood and its circulation.

The circulation of blood is performed by the means of a muscular pump, which is the HEART. The muscles of heart contract periodically and cause the heart to pump blood. The blood is carried to different parts of the body through arteries and capillaries.

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Nature Cure: From the Jaws of Death

Gandhiji’s second son, Mani Lal, ten years old was running high fever, when down with an attack of fever (typhoid), combined with pneumonia and was showing signs of delirium. Doctors said medicine would have no effect, but eggs and chicken-broth might be useful.

But Gandhiji would not agree to it, even when told that his son’s life was in danger without it. Gandhiji would not yield, even though the thought of his son’s impending death began to haunt him.

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