Nature Cure: One Cause – One Treatment

Against the present theory of Medical Science that basically a germ is the cause of any disorder or disease in the body, the Naturo-path goes a step further, to establish by reason and example, that not germ, but the accumulated foreign matter in the body, is the basic cause of disease or the germ, whatever. His reasoning is that germs are always present in the air—the Medical Science, too, believes it—then why they don’t affect all people, even during an epidemic, like Cholera, Malaria, etc.

The reason with the Medical man is, Resistance. It is the lack of resistance, he tells us, that makes a ground for the germ. It is here that the Naturo-path argues by asking, “What is this lack of resistance, if not, the accumulated foreign or waste matter in the body?” For a naturo-path this lack of resistance’ is a vague term with the medical science. The clear answer is with the Nature-cure, that is, the accumulated foreign matter in the body-system; that is the cause of all ailments in it.

Here, it may be of interest to mention an example related by Harry Benjamin in his book on Nature-cure. He describes that medical authorities, like Dr. Hamer, then Medical Officer of Health, County of London, in his report for the year 1915 had investigated that it was not bacillus (the germ) that was the cause of typhoid fever, but it was the other way round, meaning thereby, that fever itself was the cause of the bacillus.

He further discloses that the unsoundness of the germ-theory was proved by the celebrated Prof. Pettenkofer before a class of his students when he swallowed a test-tubeful of cholera germs, supposed to kill a full regiment of soldiers, but nothing happened. He clearly proved that germs are of no account in Cholera; it is the disposition of the individual.

Now, when the cause of all ailments is one, the Naturo-path forwards the argument that the treatment must also be one. The one treatment, he suggests, is the removal of that foreign matter from the body. This theory of single treatment for all diseases, as advocated in Nature-cure, has another plus point against the medical practice of treating different diseases with different medicines or methods. The Naturo-path, by his wholesome treatment cures not only the disease or the diseased organ, but the whole body of all its ailments also.

Another drawback that a patient finds is with the recent development of specialist treatment in medical practice. In old days a doctor was supposed to treat his patient for any trouble or ailment of the body he was suffering from. But today for one disease, he has to go to its own specialist and for the other ailments to other different specialists. There are specialists for heart, for ENT, for Orthopady and so on. One specialist will not take up a case of another specialised branch of treatment. This makes the patient run from pillar to post, from one doctor to another.

By arguing in this manner, we, in no terms, like to be ungrateful to the medical Science, which has opened several avenues in the treatment of man, by advancement in the art of diagnosis, surgery, medicine and so on. But as said above, the partial or specific mode of allopathic treatment and the horrible toxic effects of the chemical character of its medicines, which is much less in their control, has taken the charm out of the medical system for the common man, who seems to have become wiser through suffering at the hand of doctors and appears bent towards going in for other systems of treatment. It is here that Nature-cure comes to his relief by taking him away from medicine completely and making him realise that medicine is no more a boon, but even a bane at times.

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