Chromotherapy: Principles and Benefits of Chromotherapy

Principles of Chromotherapy

Wrong lifestyle, improper diet, stress, tension, fear, anger, worry, lack of exercise, consumption of harmful products like liquor, cigarette,etc., are some of the causes for the many illnesses people are engrossed with these days. It is a tough job to keep a body healthy at all ages and in all seasons because a body is a temple of problems and a house of ailments. Due to ailments one has to take medical help.

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Chromotherapy: History of Chromotherapy

Sun is the source of life on earth. From the beginning of the human civilisation sun has been worshipped as the giver of life and power. Making obeisance to the sun early in the morning helps to purify and harmonise the functioning of the various organs in the body. Among all other methods for treatment of various diseases, treatment through solar energy always held a special place.

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Chromotherapy: Treatment for Various Kinds of Headaches

Headache is one of the most common ailments among human beings. Headaches are caused due to many reasons – head injury, eye strain, fever, sinus infection, or allergic reaction, etc. Some of the headaches are mild, some are severe. There are two main kinds of headaches – acute and chronic. Acute headaches occur infrequently for a short time, whereas chronic ones occur frequently and last for few days.

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Chromotherapy: Common Natural Remedies

There is a mutual relation between nature and man. It is a well- known fact that a human being takes birth in the lap of nature, survives, works and ultimately dies here. The human body is made up of water, air, sun, earth, ether, i.e. the five elements of nature. All these five elements at all times provides health to a human being. Nature has provided us eight physicians which give us health. They are – air, diet, water, fast, sun, sleep, thought and exercise.

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Chromotherapy: Treatment for Nasal Ailments

1. Cold, sneezing

If sneezing does not get a timely cure it becomes cold. The nose gets blocked or the nose keeps flowing, the sense of smell is also affected there is headache, etc.

When the nostrils get blocked 5-6 drops of sun-charged green mustard oil should be gently massaged or rubbed on the scalp for 10-15 minutes using the lower part of the palm and 40-80 ml of orange water should be taken 3-4 times a day. If there is a watery discharge from the nose, then massage sun-charged blue coconut oil.

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