Chromotherapy: Healing with Colors

Green symbolises peace and prosperity.

Blue symbolises trust, peace, contentment, optimism, etc. All Hindus, Buddhists, native Americans and Chinese associate blue with the heavens.

White is associated with truth, purity. For Hindus white is the symbol of self- illumination.

Violet represents faith, power and modesty.

Use of Colors in the Treatment of Diseases

In ancient Rome one therapy which was extremely famous was ‘Helio therapy’. In Roman ‘Helio’ means sun, so it is the sun therapy. Similarly there is a therapy called chromotherapy where chromo means color. This therapy combines the benefits of the sun as well as the benefits of the various colors of the sun to cure different ailments of the body. In ancient Rome there were solariums at various places where chromotherapy was practised and the patients got free treatment. In the city of Rome there were dispensaries of ‘Chromo Hydropathy’. Here too, ailments were treated using chromotherapy.

During rainy season, the clean rain water or water in the well used to be filled in seven different colored bottles and their mouth covered with sticky mud. After this the bottles were kept in a solarium at a place where the sunrays would fall. In this way by keeping the colored bottles in the sun for 3-4 days the water in those bottles would become life-saving. It obtains the power to cure ailments.

1. Blue

Blue is very powerful in destroying ailments due to bile. ()ranges, lemon, chloroform, sapphire, etc., have the elements ol blue in ihem. The water of a blue bottle gives coolness, quenches thirst, Mops internal and external bleeding and reduces fever.

The massage of sun-charged blue oil is a tonic for those who do mental work. It is beneficial in headache, fever, loose motions with bleeding, acne, insomnia, piles, etc. Some people call this sun-charged blue oil a miracle.

This blue oil is beneficial in insect bites, stings, etc., and if there is pain in the ear this oil can be put in the ear after heating it a little. If one is suffering from throat infections due to heat then one should gargle with blue water and blue sun-charged glycerine should be applied. If the gums and/or teeth are swollen then blue glycerine is useful.

2. Green

This color helps to get rid of infectious ailments and gives strength. Amla, green vegetables, etc., have the elements of green color in them. The greatest quality of the color green is that it provides strength to those parts of our body that remove foreign matter.

The sun-charged green water is highly useful in typhoid, eczema, etc. Infectious ailments like septic, leucorrhoea, constipation, etc., can be eliminated using this water.

This solarised green water is beneficial for stomach and intestinal ulcers. Every ailment of the eye can be cured by washing or applying a few drops of this sun-charged green water into the eyes.

3. Red

This colour provides strength and heals all the ailments of cough. There is a huge treasure of red rays in raw mangoes, honey, garlic, iron, aromatic seeds, etc. Red colour is very hot in nature so it should be used only for external purpose. A massage of sun-charged red oil is most beneficial.

4. Orange

Orange water increases hunger, helps in digestion, increases strength and is effective in relieving flatulence. Orange water helps to increase the red blood corpuscles in the body. It acts as a tonic for aged people. It gives relief in problems like vomiting, fear, stomachache and bed-wetting in children. This water provides relief in loose motions and gastritis. Drinking orange water in paralysis is highly beneficial.

Exposing the affected area to red light and massaging it with sun-charged red oil is highly beneficial.

Drinking orange water helps in relieving menstrual pain. In cold, cough, asthma, pneumonia, etc., massaging the chest with sun-charged red oil or radiation of red light is highly beneficial.

For joint pain, pain in the knee, waist, neck the Aashirwad Mahanarayni oil’s massage gives quick results.

If the ear is filled with pus or there is deafness then 3-4 drops of sun-charged red oil should be warmed and dropped into the ear or the ear can be exposed to red light for beneficial results. The sun-charged red oil is massaged on the effective part of a T.B. patient or if the red light is radiated on it then it has a relaxing effect.

5. White

It has equal amount of blue, red and green colour. The water prepared with it is free from germs and it can be drunk as per the thirst. It has no side effects and it acts as a tonic for children. It can be drunk in place of plain water. Because it has calcium in it, it provides strength to children and helps in teething.

Note: In the above given uses the sun-charged orange water, sun-charged red water, sun-charged green water and sun-charged red oil mean that the given water or oil has been solarised by being exposed to the sunrays. So orange water should not be considered as orange juice.

Deficiency of Colors

According to chromotherapy it is the imbalance of colors that causes all ailments. We can see the deficiency of an element in the body in a definite, easy and economical way by looking at the color of the affected organ of the body. By looking at a yellow face we can easily conclude that it is due to the deficiency of yellow color in the body or weakness. By looking at yellow colored eyes we can conclude that it is due to jaundice.

The color of cough, urine, stool and other excreta show the problems the body contains. If it were not the question ol color then why would you be worried at the color of urine being too yel low or red. You realise that you are sick if your tongue starts turning white or your nails yellow. If the tongue becomes bluish black then it signals death.

Surely the presence of various colors in the body needs to be all right. If the natural color of a body part increases or decreases then it is a symptom of an ailment. The physicians of chromotherapy try to balance this color deficiency by providing different colors to the affected body part. For example, lack of green color causes burning sensation and dryness in the eyes, nails, yellowness of the skin, liquid or thin faeces, excess cold, excess anger, dysentery, jaundice, etc. Lack of red color causes excessive sleepiness, laziness, constipation, etc.

The practitioner listens to all the problems of the patient and looks at the affected areas, assesses the situation and then decides upon the cure. For deciding upon the treatment the physician requires a good sense of judgement. Every body part has a different ailment and so a different cure. If the ailments are different then they have to be cured in different ways. Every part of our body requires different colors of light.

Chemical Elements in the Body and Colors

There are different chemical elements present in various kinds of foods. The body gets elements like magnesium, potassium, sodium, silicon, calcium, lithium, copper, iron, phosphorus, sulphur, mercury, etc., through the consumption of various kinds of foods.

Doctors by experiment have found different chemicals in the sunrays:

1. Violet, Indigo and Blue – The rays of these colors are found to have calcium, aluminum and hydrogen.

2. Green – Green is quite rich and abundant in oxygen, aluminum, chromium, sodium, calcium, nickel, carbon, nitrogen and other such elements.

3. Yellow, Orange and Red- Calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, barium, iron, nickel, aluminum, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sodium, calcium, chromium, titanium are found in these colors.

All kinds of diseases can be successfully treated by applying the principles of chromotherapy.

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