Chromotherapy: Common Natural Remedies

There is a mutual relation between nature and man. It is a well- known fact that a human being takes birth in the lap of nature, survives, works and ultimately dies here. The human body is made up of water, air, sun, earth, ether, i.e. the five elements of nature. All these five elements at all times provides health to a human being. Nature has provided us eight physicians which give us health. They are – air, diet, water, fast, sun, sleep, thought and exercise.

1. Air

For the sustenance of life air is more important than water. According to the Vedas air is an amrit, and it exists in the form of life. Taking fresh air in the morning makes the metals and non metals in the body pure and healthy, gives intelligence. One finds happiness, peace and tranquillity in the morning air because it is clear, soft and fragrant, filled with the fragrance of flowers.

Pure air, water, earth, light and grains are called panchamrit. Morning walk is considered to be the best cure for all ailments. Morning walk and intake of air are called brahmavela and amritpan.

2. Diet

Body and food are deeply related. Every person should be a controlled eater because only a controlled diet benefits all the metals of the body.

Once the emperor of Iran asked his best doctor a question, “How much should one eat from morning to night ?” The answer was 6 dirhams which means 310 grams. He again asked, “How can that be enough.” The doctor answered, “We should not eat more than that for our nourishment. Anything in excess only increases weight and decreases life.”

A human being should eat less. Only a small diet is useful to the body. Only that much should be eaten that can be digested by the body. A pure and controlled diet provides nourishment, strength, age, satisfaction, glow, courage, mental and digestive strength. Diet creates the seven metals of our body. In the Upanishads it has been said that a pure food provides a pure starch and with the purification of starch, the mind becomes clear and strong. Then with a pure and strong mind one finds harmony with every object. Only that food is beneficial which is consumed when one feels hungry. Food should be eaten peacefully.

3. Water

Water is not only a necessity but important for good health. Drinking pure water after waking up in the morning is very good for the health. A person who drinks 8 drops of water before sunrise gains health and a long life. Well water or water kept in a copper utensil is good for drinking. One should drink water either an hour before the meals or two hours later. A person should drink at least 2 litres of water daily. This allows the blood to flow freely.

4. Fast

Dharama Shastras have given great importance to fasting. Fasting helps in eliminating the three-fold ailments of the body, provides strength to the intestines, and flushes out the impurities from the body. Fasting is very important for health. With fasting the spiritual strength of a human being grows. It is said that if one fasts twice a month on Ekadashi according to the given instructions then that person will gain control over his/her emotions and senses. Those who do not fast should initially begin with not eating food once a day every week and then start fasting for a complete day.

The day of fasting should be spent in praying and reading good literature and doing good deeds. It is necessary for those who last to concentrate their mind on religious matters and obtain knowledge from saints and mabatmas. Such a fast provides menial ami physical health.

One should fast for 12 to 72 hours to eliminate the enzymes especially the poisonous ones present in the digestive system. If possible during a fast one should drink lukewarm water and green juice. Every person should fast for 1 to 1 1/2 days every week without food and 3 days every month consuming lukewarm water, green water and fruits.

5. Sun

Sun is the preserver and protector of life on earth. If it were not for the sun we would not have been able to survive for a single moment. All ailments and germs get destroyed in sunrays.

For obtaining health from the sun it has been written in Atharv Veda “O mortal, may your life not be destroyed and this process of inhaling and exhaling while breathing continues. May the Sun God, who is the master of all living beings keep you high with his strength giving rays and not allow your body or life strength to fall.”

Sun has a great effect on the mind and body of a human being. Medical science believes that with the consumption of sunrays every type of ailment can be eliminated.

6. Exercise

Ayurveda believes that a body develops with exercise, body parts lose their tiredness, one sleeps soundly, the mind stops wandering, one becomes active and the skin becomes beautiful and glowing.

In short, exercise provides energy to the body and increases the power of the body to work, helps to digest excess and unnatural food and the body does not feel lethargic. For happiness, health and beauty exercise is necessary in life.

7. Thought

Thoughts have a direct effect on the body. For mental problems a determined and controlled meditation is very necessary. Impure thoughts not only corrupt the mind but also make the body sick. Meditation and pure thoughts are a life force. So for an ailment free life one should take the help of thought power.

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