Chromotherapy: Principles and Benefits of Chromotherapy

Principles of Chromotherapy

Wrong lifestyle, improper diet, stress, tension, fear, anger, worry, lack of exercise, consumption of harmful products like liquor, cigarette,etc., are some of the causes for the many illnesses people are engrossed with these days. It is a tough job to keep a body healthy at all ages and in all seasons because a body is a temple of problems and a house of ailments. Due to ailments one has to take medical help.

Chromotherapy is the most natural of all treatments. It combines the benefits of sun and colours to treat various diseases. Sun gives us energy and colour, therefore sun forms the basis of chromotherapy. Sunrays have healing powers and in conjunction with medicines, water, colour, gems, etc., they are even more effective. Chromotherapy is a discipline that aims to harness the solar energy in order to treat various ailments of the body. According to chromotherapy the human body absorbs the sunrays through the skin which effects the endocrine glands, blood cells and the chemical reactions of the body. The colourful light stimulates and oxidises the body, thus restoring the balance of the body.

This therapy makes use of the seven visible rays of the sun for the treatment of diseases. Seven colours are emitted by the sun. These seven colours have therapeutic qualities.

Different types of mediums are used in the treatment like water, mishri, pure ghee of cow’s milk, coloured bottles, rose water, honey, etc. Solarisation produces medicinal properties in these substances which are then effective in curing various ailments.

Benefits of Chromotherapy

Solar power, a natural source of light and energy, is available free of cost and in abundance. Sunlight converts the inactive Vitamin D in our bodies to its active form, which is essential for healthy bones. Solarised water, sugar, oil, etc., are effective in curing ailments. Sunrays are useful in correcting the deficiency or excess of a particular chemical in any part of the body.

Sun is also a good source for pigmentation of one’s skin. The early rays of sun are beneficial in activating the pituitary gland. The flora and fauna get their life from the sun. We get many important elements from sunrays which are required for the growth of the body. Sunrays eliminate pain and also strengthen our bones.

Solarised water contains calcium which gives strength to the body. Solarised blue or violet colour is helpful in baldness and greying of hair. Sun-charged green oil is beneficial in skin problems. Solarised yellow or orange water is useful in cleaning the bowels and curing spleen related problems. Chromotherapy helps to balance the frequencies of malfunctioning cells and to bounce back to our natural state of radiant well-being. We get energy and colour from sunrays.

Various parts of the body as well as the organs are affected by different colours. Colours can be enormously helpful not only therapeutically, but also in such fields as meditation, tarot reading, distance healing, crystal-gazing, clairvoyance, mirror-gazing, etc. The red end of the spectrum stimulates, while blue end calms, as it has a cooling and soothing effect. Colour is everything for colour is all what we are made of. Symbolising season, direction, rank and royalty, colour is a vital healing force. Apart from other diseases chromotherapy has been proved to cure even cases of addiction.

Surya Namaskar, supplemented with yoga, enables the body to be united with the mind, the matter with the spirit, and the physical with the spiritual. By regularly practising yoga one can achieve purity, contentment, self-awareness, and the will to surrender to the will of God. All the organs and systems in the body get rejuvenated, thus complementing the beneficial effects of chromotherapy.

Usually colours are chosen and used for the purpose of beauty but when this therapy is used as a science these colours are used for curative purposes. For making proper use of these colours and making the body healthy in an efficient and effective manner it is necessary to practise chromotherapy. The endocrine system of our body reacts to different colours. This therapy doesn’t have any side effects. There is no need of surgery or anaesthesia and is totally painless.

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