Pranic Healing: Mantra to Improve Eyesight

Our eye sight is the most prized possession to enjoy this most beautiful world in all its hues and colours. Without this eye sight, the whole world is a total darkness – a living death for us. So we must take all the precautions to keep our eye-sight in perfect health.

But our modern technology is over-straining our eyes beyond its biological limits, particularly, with the on-set of printing media, books and books to read and television and flashing of strong lights for Cine Photography for long hours etc. which tires us at the end of the day. And, as a general rule, most of the eye defects (except congenital and those caused by physical injury or exposure to high dose of radiations) arise due to the over-use of the eyes and also, most importantly, due to undernourishment of the body, of which the eyes are part and parcel.

This is also asserted by W.H. Bates-the author of the famous book ‘Better Eye Sight Without Glasses” in which he recommends various relaxation techniques i.e. palming of the eyes in which we cover the right eye with cupped right palm and the left eye covered with left cupped palm and we look into the darkness between the two eyes, with closed eyes. This is a sort of Meditation technique and quietens and rests the eyes and the mind to restore proper vision in case of Myopia andHypermetropia.


As we see an outside object, its image is refracted through the eye lens to get focussed on the retina of the eye in case of normal vision. Then, the optic nerves from both the right and the left eye carry the image neural signal at the visual cortex in the brain, the complete image mixed from both eyes 50:50 at the rear of cerebral hemisphere on visual cortex carrying information about the form, movement and colour of the object. Simultaneously, the optical neural signal carries the information to the Hypothalamus/left brain/pituitary gland conglomerate. While our eyes are the beholder, the left brain/pituitary gland/AJNA Chakra are the Charioteer of our body and we use the seed word of Ajna Chakra – N and its associated words K, Kh, G to stimulate the eyes.

However, the optical image neural signal from both eyes also reaches the right brain for further processing in the memory cortex for which we stimulate the right brain, and the crown chakra with its seed word M., but it is the left brain which is mostly used by our present day education system and printing media, therefore, we, usually correct eye defects by stimulating the left brain and pituitary gland with its seed word 4N’ in the breathing mantra. As I stimulate the Crown Chakra with breath mantra SAHAM,” it first stimulates the right brain, then the right eye, then the 3rd eye and then the left eye. Similarly as I stimulate, the Brow Chakra with mantra SAHAN, it first stimulates the left brain, the left eye and then the right eye.

Various Eye Defects : Stress, ageing and overuse of the eyes and malnutrition are the main causesof an early appearance of various eye defects given below: However, it needs to be stressed that it is the inter-play of sodium/potassium ions across the cell membrane which generates the varyng response to light, in the light sensitive cones and rods at the cornea and hence the necessity to nourish the eyes with bio-chemic salts besides vitamins of which we shall speak later.

1. Hypermetropia called Far-sightedness is due to the eye refractive index becoming less convex which results in the light rays getting focussed behind the retina. Convex corrective lenses are needed for close reading work. This eye defect can be corrected with the breathing mantra, by providing pranic life energy to the eyes alongwith nutritive food.
2. Myopia called near-sightedness is due to refractive power of the eye becoming too convex (thick) or the eyeball becoming too long. In both cases, the light rays are focussed in front of the retina, giving a blurred image. Concave corrective lenses are needed to focus on distant objects.
3. Presbyopia : a form of hypermetropia which develops naturally as the age advances because the accomodative power of the eye gradually declines with age.
4. Cataract in which the eye lense becomes transluscent and ultimately opaque with advancing age and gets speeded up with strong exposure to bright sun-light/flash lights/ exposure to X-ray radiations etc.
5. Glaucoma – where abnormal pressure is exerted on the eye ball called occular pressure, which, if left untreated, may lead to eye blindness.

And it also needs to be high-lighted that our emotions of love, anger and other moods as well as state of well being is noticeably reflected from the eyes and the face of a person – that shows the great interconnection of our body, mind, eyes and the soul with our BEING. And this connection, we use to heal the eyes by strengthening the brow chakra with N, the crown chakra with M and the unifying chakra with supersoul with its seed word AN. These eye defects, thus, get corrected with pranic laser beam.

Correcting Eye Defects with Breathing Mantras

The seed breathing mantra for correcting various eye defects cited above is the very suggestive breathing exhale mantra – ‘Improve Vision’, but we shall start first with the simplest beathing mantras for improving the eye sight :-

1. Inhale with = ASSAN or ASSANKH
Exhale with = NEESH or KHUSHI

The Mantra ‘ASSAN’ means Easy and it is also the easiest Mantra, as its name implies, but a very efficacious mantra for improving the eyesight.

2. In order to make the breathing more efficient to supply pranic energy to the eyes, we introduce the seed word for lungs PH (f) in the above mantra.

Inhale with = SHAFFANKH

The word ‘shaffankh in Urdu means the healthy eyes and Nooffes means a fine gentleman & gentle lady. The word ‘ANKH’ in Hindi/Urdu language means Eyes

3. In order to give psychic sonic resonance energy to the Solar Plexus – the Navel Chakra, to enable it to manufacture proper glycogen and other nutrients from food with the release of proper digestive juices and release of Insulin-the hormone from Pancreas, and the healthy Liver action, we use the seed word ‘R’ for this purpose in the breathing mantra.

Inhale with = SARRAN
Exhale with = NOORREESH

The word Noorreesh means full of sparkle and this Healing Mantra really fills our eyes with all the blissful radiance, because it helps to illuminate the eyes with the divine Kundalini energy, so kindled by the word S/SH.

4. Now, we also stimulate the heart chakra with its seed word Y or J

Inhale with = SAYYAN or SAJJAN
Exhale with = NEEYYEES or NIJJISH or NEW-YES

5. Now, we stimulate the Thyroid gland with its seed word H

Inhale with = SAHHAN
Exhale with = NIHHISH

6. Now, we yoke ourself with infinity – the super consciousness to draw in as much pranic life energy as possible with its seed word AN and end at T, the seed word for strengthening taste and salivary glands.

Inhale with = SAHANT
Exhale with = TIHHISH

Similarly, we stimulate the left brain/eyes with the words K, KH and G.

7. Inhale with = SAHANK Exhale with = KIHHISH

8. Inhale with = SAHANG Exhale with = GIHHISH

9. Inhale with = SAHANKH Exhale with = KHIHISH

10. Use the King of Eye-sight mantra

Inhale with = RAKA-GANNAN
Exhale with = INNER KING

11. Now, we stimulate the ultimate chakra – the crown chakra, with its seed word M, to strengthen the right brain, the eyes and the pineal gland.

Inhale with = SAHAM
Exhale with = MIHHISH

12. The following is the simplest breathing mantra to stimulate the left brain the eyes and pituitary gland with N and the right brain, the eyes and the pineal gland with M.

Inhale with = SMAN OR SMANKH
Exhale with = MNEESH / MUKHEESH

13. Make nourishment your breath

Inhale with = NOURISHMENT
Exhale with = SARANAMMANT

It is indeed a great benefitting mantra for the eyes and the total brain.

14. And another very potent healing mantra for the eyes is

Exhale with = NIHI-YOUREESH

15. A very magnificient mantra to stimulate both the eyes and total brain is

Inhale with = MAGNIFICIENT
Exhale with = SFA-GANA-MANT

Now, I shall return to the seed breathing mantra for improving vision.

16. Exhale with = IMPROVE-VISION

While exhaling with the above mantra, let us give a convenient pause at ‘N’ and let N reverberate in the brain to stimulate the left brain and the pituitary gland. The word V kindles the divine kundalini, the word ‘R’ improves our digestion and assimilation of food, the words Z and P help cardiovascular system to circulate blood and breathe to its optimum capacity, the word ‘N’ stimulates the left brain and the word ‘M’ stimulates the right brain, thus it is a complete body/mind/eyes rejuvenating breathing mantra and also very very suggetive breathing mantra to improve vision, by its hypnotic influence. The world MAN yokes us with Superconscious Energy Field.

17. Another similar mantra using the Hindi language word ‘NAIN’ for EYES

Exhale with = IMPROVING – NAIN
Inhale with = VARA-PA-NAMMANG

18. Urdu speaking people can use the followingmantra and mantra no 3 given earlier.

Exhale with = NZIR
Inhale with = RAZAN

19. For Hindi speaking persons, a very suggestive mantra is given below: –

Inhale with = SACHA-ANAND
Exhale with = NEESHCHINT

This is a great stress relieving mantra for the eyes/mind because inhale mantra – Sacha Anand means-A pure bliss and the exhale mantra Neeshchint means ‘worry free” and this is possible only if we lead a stress free life of Satyam (Truth), Shivam (godliness) and Sundaram (a beautiful existence).

And let me suggest some breathing mantras which are emotionally related with our national boundaries. I have chosen countries with N contained in their country’s name.

20. Exhale with = INDIAN
Inhale with = ANAND
(This means bliss)

And now many Westerners are looking to India to achieve bliss by their Yogic Meditation techniques.

21. Similarly for English speaking people:

Exhale with = ENGLISH
Inhale with = GLOW ON

This is a Tribute to English people.

22. Similarly for Americans :

Exhale with = AMERICAIN
Inhale with = RAKA- NAMA of RAKA- NAM MAN

23. Similarly for Japanese people :

Exhale with = JAPAN
Inhale with = NEE POOJOON

24. Similarly for German people :

Exhale with = GERMANY
Inhale with = RAJA-NAM

and so on.

For correction of eye defects, Bates also recommends blinking of the eyes which gives exercise to the eye muscles for the blood to reach the eyes. While blinking, the water is released by the lachrymal glands in the eyes to moisturise and clean the eyes. These breathing mantras with healing words combined with the power of thought act like the micro-laser beam to cure all our eye defects, slowly but steadily without any harmful side effects.

Out of the twenty four breathing mantras given above to help us improve eye sight, we should use the first twelve breathing mantras, in the first week, repeating them five times each. This will take about 6 minutes or so. Repeat it both morning and evening, chanting them silently, smoothly, deeply and rhythmically alongwith respective inhale/ exhale breathing mantra and then slowly and steadily move up to the 16th breathing mantra which is the seed mantra for improving vision and in a month’s period, you will start experiencing the on-rush of bio-energy currents into your both eyes and at the location of 3rd eye, and in the left brain with the mantras containing the word N at the end, and in the right brain with the mantra containing the word M at the end and above all, the sparkle in both eyes, with improvement of eye sight and removal of all its defects, achieving a very steady progress with time.

Besides, these breathing mantras also give tranquillity/relaxation to our mind because we are expected to make our thought move alongwith the breath just as in Vipasna meditation, very powerful tranquillizing Yogic technique advocated by Lord Budha, where one’s thought moves alongwith the breath. Now, we know which word arises from where in our body/brain, so we can also make our thought move alongwith the breath, as it traverses various associated chakras in our body.

Some Neck Exercises with Breathing Mantra :-

Our Neck is the junction passage between our brain and the body. Any blockage in the blood vessels of our neck will diminish the much needed blood supply and healing breathing mantras constituted with the seed word ‘H’ for Visudha/ Neck chakra, help to declog the neck arteries as well as fortify the thyroid gland which helps to burn fat in the body and regulate the carbohydrate metabolism in our body.

Move your neck towards the right slowly without a jerk while inhaling with the mantra “AHHAN” and then return to the front neck position with the exhale mantra “OHHOON”. Similarly, repeat it with the neck moving towards the extreme left position with this mantra. Do it 10 to 20 times as convenient without giving it any discomfort. Then, rest for a minute or so, by just a little stroll in the lawn.

Now move up slowly your neck from its lowest position to all up in the sky, inhaling with the mantra “AHHAN” and bring the neck down exhaling with the mantra “OHHOON”. Repeat it 10 to 20 times as convenient. Then, relax for a minute or so. Then walk a distance of bout 20 to 50 Meters,with interlocked fingers of both hands pressing softly the neck from behind. This will also help to strengthen the neck.

Now, first move up your left hand up, then right hand up, alternately, as if you are walking in the air with your hands alternately moving up and down. This is the best exercise to enliven the heart and neck muscles in an aerobic atmosphere, thus restoring the normal blood supply to the eyes and brain; and you will also notice, that if you start this alternate hand raising exercise with left hand first, then your left nostril will open up for breathing and vice versa. Thus, this exercise opens up both the nostrils, alternately by starting with right & left hand respectively to remove any blocking due to sinus problem and also brings about equilibrium in breathing from both the nostrils, thus, helping to reach the breath unto both the eyes, with equal fervour. This also helps to rectify the problem of cervical spondylitis while stengthening the eyes.

Now & then, Enjoy appreciating a green leaf on a twig of a plant,about 20 cms. from your eyes and then look far unto the distance at a green tree and then enjoy seeing unto the green lawn below your feet and then again at the green plants and trees around you and Lo! your eyes are feeling refreshed. How? because our eyes like the green colour the most and that is why nature is so green, but do not forget to enjoy the flowers in all their beautiful colours of a rainbow.This will relax your eyes and brighten you up, by giving your eyes and Mind the energy of full spectrum of sunlight.

And, last but not the least, stand in prayer to God in your lawn. Be thankful to God who has given you these beautiful eyes. Inhale deeply with the mantra “Pran-Nath” while raising your both hands slowly as you inhale deeply as if you are drawing in all the pranic energy from the cosmos into your BEING and your eyes.

Then, Exhale slowly while bringing the hands down slowly with the exhale mantra “Inni-Preet”. The inhale mantra Pran-Nath means “0,God, the giver of life to me, and the Exhale Mantra “Inni-Preet means-the inward love for one and all, which the God Almighty has endowed us to love the whole humanity. It is when we transcend hatred and begin to love all, without any discrimination, then our eyes start sparkling with the God’s bliss.

Food For Eyes : A balanced nutritious diet consisting of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Nutrient Salts, and Fats is essential for the proper upkeep of our body/eyes/brain system, and will go a long way in preventing the eye defects i.e. Vitamin ‘A’, prevents Night Blindness and is one of the main components, they say, in Retina-the light sensitive screen in our eyes. This Vitamin ‘A’ also helps to prevent cataract and also in the absence of Vitamin ‘A’ the eyes cannot withstand the glaze of sun light or bright lights.

Also Vitamin ‘A’ helps the lacrymal glands to make the eyes sparkingly clean by secreting the tears while blinking. This Vitamin is present varyingly in whole milk, butter, cheese, carrots, tomato, lettuce, cabbage, greenpeas, SPINACH, wheat germ, papaya, oranges and dates, and for best results, eye doctors also re-commend the use of high potency vitamin ‘A’ Cod Liver Oil Capsules to make up for any acute deficiency, and above all we must protect our eyes against Bright sunlight with sun glasses.

Also vitamin B-2, vitamin ‘C & Vitamin ‘E’ are other vitamins which are essential for the proper health of the eyes. Also, vitamin ‘D’ is very essential for the eyes to see the distant objects. If vitamin ‘D’ is provided to children adequately, their myopia eye defects will improve. Also, lecithin is very good for the brain/eye system because it forms 30 percent of the dry weight of the human brain. Egg Yolk is a rich source of lecithin and also a rich source of cholesterol, now thought to be not so good for heart patients. Vegetarians & heart patients, can use Soybeans supplement or sprouted grains because two spoonfuls of sprouted grains provide most of the daily requirement of vitamins cited above and for breakfast I take for myself a small bowl of mixed fruit consisting of papaya, one banana and one apple or any other seasonal fruit, sprinkled with small lemon juice & I take one bread piece along with one egg on 3 days a week & on the remaining four days, instead, I take. 2 spoonfuls of sprouted grain at break-fast, instead of egg.

And I top it up with 250 grams of whole milk taking two cloves of garlic to keep the dirty cholesterol away.

Also, when the eyes get tired and stressed, in order to provide immediate succour to them, take slowly a large spoonful of honey or Glucose bit by bit on the tongue, followed by a glass of water, or enjoy the luscious taste and nutrition provided by taking about 20 gms of raisins (dried grapes), taken in 10 lots of 2 gms each; and musticated and enjoyed thoroughly in the mouth. This will provide immediate relief and evaporate stress from the mind/eye system by giving the much needed glycogen. This is particularly needed because brain/eye system does not have a storehouse of built-in energy reserviour like the muscles of the body.

Besides, the requirement of blood, supplying Glucose/Nutrients is about nine fold more, in the brain compared to any other organ of the body because of a large network of nerves and neurons working to first register the various sense signals, interpret them, store them in memory; besides coordinating & directing all other life processes throughout the body-indeed a very great responsibility thrust on our brain system. Thus, we have to ensure a steady supply of Glucose and nutrients to our brain/eye system, which is the most harrassed organ of our body these days. Besides, we have also to provide more than adequate supply of oxygen and pranic life energy to enliven our eyes/brain with the help of breathing with the above healing mantras.

Since, we have to move with the times and cannot shut our eyes from the modern technology, I am sure this Chapter will help us to meet adequately the challenge of our modern times. For that, I give below an equally challenging breathing mantra for benefiting the eyes:-


This is a total body/brain/eyes Rejuvenating breathing mantra unsurpassed in its excellent benefits.


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