Pranic Healing: Mantra to Cure Back Ache

Backache is one of the most common ailments these days. This is due to over-stressing the back due to bad posture, car driving for long hours and in the women due to child birth and associated infection in the uterus, causing strain on the muscles and ligaments of the lumbar region of the spine

In case of acute pain, bed rest alongwith pain killers/anti inflammatory drugs is a must (consult your physician) for a few days and then we can use the power of healing words to start curing the backache problem permanently. The word V is the seed word for lumbar region of the spine and the ovary and the lower intestines which help in the assimilation of digested food in the blood as well as in the elimination processes of the stool, etc. :-

1. Exhale with = JUVENATE
Inhale with = VAJATAN

The above mantra rejuvenates the lumbar region with ‘V and the heart with the word ‘J’ and the word N – the seed word for brow chakra strengthens the left brain; and pituitary gland which is known to be the Director of total endocrine activity in our body to boost our total immune system against infection thus saving us against, repeated backache on the slightest cause.

2. In order to strengthen the total spine, we stimulate the thoracic region of the spine with ‘Y’ & ‘R’ and the cervical region of the spine with ‘H’ – this re-establishes the communion between the brain and the total spine.

Inhale with = VARAYAHAN
Exhale with = NIHI — YOUREEV

This mantra will completely rejuventate the total spine. If alongwith backache, there is also sciatica pain extending upto the thighs, then we strengthen the legs with L the seed word for MULADHARA CHAKRA.

3. Exhale with = IMPROVE — LEG — COM MUNION
Inhale with = LAVAPRAGA — KAMMANAN or

Inhale with = ALLA — VAPRA KAMANAN

The above two mantras are indeed very very potent to rejuvenate the total body/mind system and to cure us of backache as well as sciatica problem. This mantra helps to re-establish the supremacy of our mind over body by setting up communications between various parts of our brain.

In case of slipped disc, physio – therapy or surgical Intervention may become necessary.

Last but not the least, the mantra – ‘Improving’ is very effective in improving backache problems :-

5. Exhale will = IMPROVING
Inhale with = VAPRAMMANG
This very suggestive mantra is indeed very very helpful in removing the backache.

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