Bringing Solar Plexus to Order through Acupressure

Solar Plexus (Point No. 29) : This is also known as ‘Nabhi Chakra’ the controlling centre for all the organs below the diaphragm. This concept of ‘Nabhi Chakra’ is not found in any other therapies except in Ayurved’, the Indian Medical Science of Life. This proves that this therapy had originated in India. For disturbances in all the organs below the diaphragm it is necessary to apply pressure treatment to this Point No. 29.

Methods to confirm whether the Solar Plexus is in order or not :

( 1 ) In the morning, on an empty stomach, when you lie down on a flat surface on your back and if you press your finger or thumb in the navel, you will feel a throbbing sound just like that of the heart. That means the system is O.K.

If this throbbing is found anywhere above the navel, it means that Solar Plexus has shifted upwards. Sameway, if such throbbing is found anywhere below navel, it means that Solar Plexus has shifted downwards. And so it is necessary to correct the same by any methods mentioned below.

( 2 ) Lie down on your back. Keep the arms (hands) straight on your sides. Keep legs straight and the toes upright. The two big toes should be in level, if they are not, it indicates disturbance in the Solar Plexus.

( 3 ) Join the two palms as per fig shown here and match the lines of No. 1 (i. e. heart lines as per Astrology). At that time, if the Solar Plexus is in order, the upper line in small finger No. 4 shown in figure will match. If the Solar Plexus has shifted, the line No. 4 will not match.

This centre shifts upward or downward when excess weight is lifted or when there is severe gas trouble. In such cases, the throbbing will not be noticed in the centre of the navel, but it will be noticed somewhere around the navel. The upward shifting of the Solar Plexus leads to constipation and downward shifting brings more motions every time when there is a pressure. This cannot be cured by drugs. And when these problems persist, it can damage the digestive system and may require an operation. It may even lead to Cancer.

One of the causes of Cancer of Colon (lower, and greater part of the large intestine) is chronic constipation. In such cases, it has been found that this Solar Plexus has moved upwards. It is, therefore, advisable to check the position of Solar Plexus before starting any treatment. The Solar Plexus is like the mainspring of a watch. Unless it is set right, treatment may not give the desired results.

Methods to bring the Solar Plexus to order:

These are to be done only on an empty stomach in the morning or 3 to 4 hours after meals.

( 1 ) By pushing the throbbing towards center of the navel.

( 2 ) By putting weight, on the navel and trying to press it towards the centre.

( 3 ) Ask the patient to lie down on the back on a flat surface and keep the arms straight on the sides. Then with one hand apply pressure on the knee of the leg of which the big toe is at a lower level and with other hand keeping the long finger between two big toes, try to pull up the big toe which is lower. Repeat this action 2 to 4 times till both the big toes come in level.

( 4 ) By putting up a small oil lamp/candle on the navel (a coin or something can be kept on the navel as a base to hold the candle), cover it with a metal glass and press it for a minute (as shown in figure 44). The air inside will burn out and a vacuum will be created. This vacuum will bring the Solar Plexus to the centre. Then lift the glass from one side after one minute. Repeat this three to four times till the throbbing is felt at the centre.

( 5 ) Lie down on your back, keep the arms on the sides and the head on the ground without pillow. Lift both the legs and bring them up to 90° from the ground as shown in the figure.
After this, bring the legs as slowly as possible on the ground keeping them straight and without lifting the head from the ground. Repeat the same five to six times and feel the throbbing.

(6) Lie down on your back, exhale. Now, before breathing again, inflate the stomach and maintain that position as long as you can. Repeat it till the Solar Plexus is in order.

(7 ) As per intermittently the points of the Solar Plexus in both the palms both in the front side and the back side. After half a minute, check whether the Solar Plexus is in order.

Otherwise the following method can also be tried.
( 8 ) Keep your right palm on the joint of left hand elbow and hold hard the muscles there. Then with a jerk bring up the left hand and try to touch the left shoulder with the open thumb. Repeat five times. In the same way, do it on the right hand five times. Then check if the Solar Plexus is in order as per fig. This is one of the easiest way. Hence, you are advised to do so every morning without worrying whether the Solar Plexus is in order or not.

This can be done every day morning on an empty stomach or 3 to 4 hours after meals. Please ensure that the Solar Plexus is in order.

After correcting the Solar Plexus, drink water or milk adding dry ginger in it.

What to do in case of frequent shifting of the Solar Plexus : Due to severe gas trouble, weakness of intestines, lifting of heavy articles, sometimes, there is frequent shifting of Solar Plexus. In such cases, it gets shifted in the afternoon even though, it was corrected in the morning.

Do the following:

First correct the Solar plexus. Take a little string (thicker than the sewing thread) and tie eight to nine rounds of this thread around the base of big toe and tie a knot. Do the same with the other big toe. (It should not be very tight). Ask the patient to keep it on for a minimum of three days. The Solar Plexus will remain in order.

During this period if there is unbearable pain in the big toes, then only this string may be removed. Once the Solar Plexus has been fixed, the patient can check it every alternate day and correct it if necessary. For complete cure, the patient must have a diet of green juices, fruit juices and light food. The patient should also do some exercises to strengthen the muscles of digestive organs.

Since the Solar Plexus is like mainspring/quartz of a watch, it must always be kept in order. Whenever the complaint about constipation or loose motions continues, first check up the Solar Plexus and correct it, if necessary.

Similarly, for any problem of any organ below the diaphragm or above the diaphragm like heart, please check up the Solar Plexus and correct it. e.g. pain in abdomen, stomach, etc. or pain in chest/heart or even in case the medical adviser informs that the heart is enlarged.

Case study:

(a) “A patient was getting pain in chest quite often. Every time. E.C.G. would be taken. But it would be normal. X’Ray showed enlarged heart. The Solar Plexus was corrected. Pain stopped and next Xray confirmed that heart was normal.”

(b) A patient was suffering from Hiatus Hernia. He was advised operation. His Solar Plexus was corrected; within 2 days, his trouble disappeared.

(c) A lady Doctor, a gynaecologist, was suffering from pain in abdomen for many years. Her Solar Plexus was corrected and then she became alright.

(d) A young girl, could not retain any food or even drink. She would vomit, it out. She was kept in a leading hospital in Mumbai for 21 days. No diagnosis was made. The complaint continued and developed into acute colic pains; at that time she would toss from side to side on a double bed. The root cause was found in the disturbance of the Solar Plexus.It was corrected, she stopped vomitting. She was put on green juices and fruit juices. Within a week, she became normal.

(e) A patient was advised operation of colon-because of long term problem of fistula. Only 3 days before the date of the operation, he consulted an Acupressurist. His Solar Plexus was corrected. And recovery was so fast that operation was not found necessary.

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