Acupressure for Better Reproductive System

When there is a union-intercourse between a male and a female, semen containing about 4 to 5,00,000 spermatozoa is discharged by the male organ into the vagina and only when a sperm is successful in entering the egg of the female, it creates an atomic explosion-the child is conceived.

This fertilised egg then goes on dividing into two and four-thus becomes a quadruplicate and afterwards goes ondividing in quadruplicates only-thus our body has a 4 cylinder electricity producing atomic reactor-battery. The size of this quadruplicate cell is so small that it can be seen with electron microscope but later on it develops into a full sized body of about 60 to 66 inches in height and 60 to 70 kilos which means an expansion by more than 600 crores i. e. 60 billion times-the greatest wonder of the cosmos.

The fertilised ovum passes down to the fallopian tube -beginning to divide and divide and by the time it reaches the uterus, it will have formed a mulberry like group of cells. At a stage later, it grows a placenta to absorb nourishment from the mother’s blood. It passes the fish like stage in the third week.

Even after four months, even though the body has fully developed, the foetus is only about eight inches and weighs hardly 120 grams.

It is, therefore, extremely necessary for a pregnant woman to take calcium and other minerals in sufficient quantity for the proper development of the foetus. This calcium is available in milk, banana, green vegetables and fruits. However, this calcium and minerals should be properly digested. Digestion of calcium is controlled by Thyroid/Parathyroid glands and so their proper working is utmost necessary during pregnancy; so that the child develops properly and get strong bones. Therefore, the proper functioning of thyroid-parathyroid glands is of prime necessity.

Moreover, the proper development of the foetus in the mother’s womb and of the child later on, depends upon the union of the sperm with the egg; so it is of utmost importance that this sperm should be strong and the egg as pure and healthy as possible.

It is really surprising that we take great care in planting a seed-the earth is ploughed-cleared of weeds, stones etc; made softer by watering or by rain and then the best of seed is sown in a proper season. However, while planting a human body, no such care is taken and is just left to an accident. It is the bounden duty of a newly married couple to have full knowledge of the body-the human reproduction system and of the birth of a child besides, of course, child care.

They should go for a child only when both of them are healthy in body and mind and are willing to take the responsibility of the child. This is possible when the girl is more than 18 years and the boy is over 21-preferably 24 years or more.

Prevention of Hereditary Diseases:

If the semen is properly preserved by the husband till marriage and if the wife has regular menstruation for at least seven times before conception and if the couple takes acupressure treatment for at least three to four months before the child is conceived, the possibility of hereditary diseases can be reduced to a minimum.

The sex glands become more active around the age of 12, when the monthly cycle starts in girls and semen-(sperms) starts multiplying and maturing in boys. It is like a raw clay brick and requires heat treatment. It is worth noting that semen is not stored anywhere in the body but it becomes syndrome of the body and can be seen as pure white half moons in the nails.

If precious semen and ova are not wasted till the age of 24 in male and 18 in female, this syndrome becomes powerful and strong, so as to protect the body for a lifetime. It may be noted that out of about 40 kilos of food we digest only one litre of blood is formed and out of one litre of blood only a few drops of semen are formed in 49 days in a sequence of seven steps of (1) Liquid (2) Blood (3) Fat (4) Muscles (5) Bones (6) Bone-marrow and (7) Semen.

This clearly shows that if due to any reason this process stops, the body starts putting on more fat. Moreover, blood or semen cannot be produced in a laboratory. After sperms are created, it takes another 74 days to get them redoubled.

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