Acupressure Therapy and Practices

Energy (Point No. 32): When you feel tired or have passed sleepless nights, you will feel pain on the point, which means recharging has not been done properly. It is essential at such a time to give treatment on that point and drink lukewarm water, preferably Health Drink or charged water.


Over and above all these points, it is necessary to apply pressure on the webs. The large one is situated between the thumb and the first finger and the small ones are between the fingers. And so also between the toes. These webs are the starting points for the nerves and so pressure should be applied on these points daily.

Method of Pressure:

According to this therapy, pressure is to be applied on and around all points on the two palms and soles only. That will send the current to the corresponding organs and activate them. For example, when you press Point No. 1 shown on the thumb, the current will flow to the brain. When you press deeper on the point of any of the endocrine glands which are called the controllers of all organs, the current is sent there and it corrects the function of that particular gland i.e. if the gland is functioning less efficiently, it will be activated and normalised.

However, if it is working more vigorously, it will reduce its activity and bring it to normal. Thus, simply by appling pressure on the points of the endocrine glands, we are able to control these most vital glands.

Pressure can be applied by pressing with the thumb or the first finger on the point or with unsharpened pencil etc. (See fig. 47, 48 & 49) or by massaging that point and around it. The pressure is to be applied intermittently like pumping and continued pressure is to be avoided. This action is to be repeated for 1 to 2 minutes.

Picture showing how to apply pressure with a horizontal thumb

How much pressure to be applied:

The pressure to be applied should be just enough for you to be able to feel it. However, on all the points of the endocrine glands, viz. Point Nos. 3, 4, 8, 14, 15, 16, 25, 28 and 38 shown bold in the figures which are situated in the middle of the body, deeper pressure is to be applied. This can be done with the verticle thumb as shown in fig. 48 or with an unsharpened pencil or a wooden stick as shown in fig. 49. Except on these points of endocrine glands, pressure is to be applied on all other points by keeping the thumb horizontal.

Picture showing how to apply deeper pressure on the points of endocrine glands with vertical thumb

Body and its subdivisions:

Our body is divided into two parts, the right side and the left side. For anything wrong with the organs or the parts on the right side of the body, treatment is to be given on the corresponding points of the palm of the right hand or the sole of the right foot, and vice versa on the left side.

Further, the body is subdivided into front and back. For the spine, nerves, back, lower lumbago, sciatic nerve and hips, pressure is to be applied on the back of the palms and soles . But for all other organs and endocrine tjlands, the pressure is to be applied on the palms or soles.


For the treatment of any disease or organ, pressure is to be applied for one minute on each point which is paining when pressed and this has to be repeated three times a day. This treatment is to be continued till the pain on these points subsides.

Threefold Benefits of Acupressure:

( 1 ) PREVENTION of all types of diseases including heart problem, paralysis and even cancer.
( 2 ) Instant and proper DIAGNOSIS without any tests and cost and yet equal to that of MRI test.
( 3 ) CURE of all types of diseases including that of cancer/brain and even HIV/AIDS.

(1) How to maintain good health:

You will observe that all the points on the palms are up to 1 inch below the wrist. So, without bothering about where the different points are situated, you should start pressing from one inch from the wrist i.e. Point No. 16 and slowly press the full palm and all the fingers on both the front and back side. By pressing both the palms or soles for five minutes each, you will cover all the points thus stimulating all the organs of the body. It is like complete servicing of the car. And when all the organs are properly stimulated and the endocrine glands are working properly, you will feel more agile and energetic and can maintain good health.

Remember that continuous pressure is not to be applied but only intermittent pressure like pumping is to be applied as mentioned above.

For children under 5:

For maintaining general good health and physical development of children below 5, pressure to be applied on each palm and sole for 2 to 3 minutes.

Prevention of Sickness or Disease:

This is a very unique feature of this therapy. When you press all the points of either palm or sole daily for about 10 minutes, all the organs are activated and recharged like a battery cell and all the endocrine glands are normalized. The net result of this is that all the organs and glands of the body get properly aligned and they function properly, as a result of which health is maintained and the possibility of any type of disease, including that of cancer, is greatly reduced.

( 2 )Wonderful Way of Diagnosis-Medical Check-up:

By taking this treatment (pressing all the points daily for 10 minutes) you not only maintain good health but also get a FREE MEDICAL CHECK-UP.

It may so happen that when you pressed all the points yesterday, there was no pain on any point; it means that you were in good health. But today when you press all the points, you may find some pain inside or around some point, that means there is something wrong with the organ connected with that point. And this disturbance has developed in the body during the last 24 hours. Any pain or disease of any organ or part of the body is reflected in the corresponding point of the palms or soles. That is why this therapy is also (filled ‘Reflexology’.

When you find the pain, it can be said in the language of electricity that the ‘Fuse’ has gone from that part. That point would be found tender. So when you press, the part below that point. It hurts. Thus, you become your own doctor and can diagnose the disease instantly without any cost or laboratory tests.

It is possible that for the first two days you may not get any response from pressing your points because uptill now you have not used them. However, from the third day, you will start getting the response.

In case there is no pain on the points on palms when pressed, press the same points in the soles. Most probably you will observe pain on the points in the soles.

It is most important for any medical practitioner to have the correct diagnosis of the problem of the patient before proceeding with the treatment. The correct diagnosis is possible only when the root cause is found out. It will be observed that apart from physical checking, it is necessary for the doctors to have urine report, blood report, X’ray, cardiogram, sonography and brain scanning, etc. before the diagnosis is made. That is a lengthy and costly procedure which most of the patients cannot afford.

Because of the rapid scientific progress, the training necessary to master the techniques of diagnosis has become long and expensive. In Ayurvedic, Acupuncture and fJncmi systems, for example, diagnosis can be made by an expert thorough the knowledge of Nadis and as such its study takes more than six to ten years.

In Homeopathy, prolonged sessions with patients are necessary and so very few patients can be attended to even by an experienced Homeopath. While, treatment under Nature Cure is lengthy and there also the Naturopaths in most cases do not go to the root cause. They try to purify the body and leave the work of cure to awakened and enriched Chetana.

However, according to Acupressure, the switchboard of this Bio-Electricity is in palms and soles. In the figs. 39 and 40, you will see the various points connected with their respective corresponding organs of the body. It is further observed that so long as this flow of bio-electricity-life current is reaching all the organs properly, there will be NO PAIN on these points when pressed. You will be surprised to note that acupressure is the only therapy which prevents disease and helps a person to maintain good health.

In order to achieve this, you simply have to press the full palm/sole slowly for 5 minutes and the other palm/sole for 5 minutes and when the patient is over 40 years, for two minutes in the one inch circle in the middle of right forearm. Thus, by simply pressing both the palms/soles like pumping in ten minutes, you are recharging all the vital organs. It is like servicing or realigning a car. When all the vital organs are working normally, the possibility of a disease becomes very remote. Thus, just by pressing your palms or soles for 5-5 minutes each, every day. you will not only prevent any disease but enjoy good health.

“FREE MEDICAL CHECK-UP. At the same time, you also get a free medical check-up of the complete body.

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