Acupressure Charts and Mechanism: Part 1

According to Acupuncture, Shiatsu or Pointed Pressure Therapy, there are about 900 points all over the body on the meridians shown in figures. Puncturing is done or pressure is applied on these points to cure illness or pain or to create an anaesthetic effect. However, this requires a good deal of study and skill and so, a layman cannot do it.

However, Acupressure treatment is so simple and easy that any layman-even a child of ten years-can learn and practise it.

The switch board of electric current flowing in our body is located in the palms and soles. In figures, you will see the location of the different switch points. In these figures you will find the names of the organs and endocrine glands to which these switch points are connected.

Most of the organs and endocrine glands are in the right or the left side of the body and so their corresponding points are on the right or the left palms and soles. However, as the heart and the spleen are on the left side of the body, their corresponding points are only on the left palm and sole. Similarly, since, the liver, gall bladder and appendix are on the right side of the body and so their corresponding switches are only on the right palm and sole.

In the same way, the points of all the organs like eyes, throat, ears, heart, lungs, stomach etc. which are in front of the body are shown in front in palms and soles. And the points of spinal cord, nerves, optic nerve, allergy etc. are on the back side of our body and so are shown on the back of palms/soles. These divisions prove that this therapy is scientific.

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