Pranic Healing: Stimulating Swadhishtana / Ovary / Sacral Chakra with Their Seed Words

Seed word = V
Inhale Mantra = VANM
Exhale Mantra = MOOVIV
Associated Words = S, SH
Principle = WATER

It strengthens the Ovaries, the lower intestines, and the sacral region of the spine.

While the ovaries nurture life and it is in the lower intestines where the digested food gets absorbed into the blood stream for supplying the nutrients to all the cells of our body. This Chakra is located in the spine around the location of the Ovaries and lower intestines about four fingers width below the Navel and about four fingers width above the bottom of the spine.

And see the beauty of the construction of the words – Womb, Water, Move, Love, Live, Voules Vous, Will, all these words contain the word ‘V and alongwith the word ‘L’ constitute the words LOVE and LIVE which permeate our BEING.

The Swadhishtana Chakra forms the top of the Kundalini.

Besides helping the assimilative process of digested food in the blood, it also helps the elimination processes of waste matter through stool.

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