Pranic Healing: Stimulating Manipura / Navel Chakra / Solar Plexus with Their Seed Words

Seed Word = R
Inhale Mantra = RANM
Exhale Mantra = MIRROR
Principle = FIRE

This is a Life Preservation Chakra. The Child is yoked to the mother through the navel for food sustenance. It is located around the Navel region in the spine.

As this Chakra represents Fire Principle and as it suggests, it helps to digest the food through all the digestive processes in the abdomen, by releasing proper digestive juices and enzymes, through the proper action of liver and the balanced assimilation of glycogen in the blood through the secretion of hormone ‘Insulin’ by the Pancreas gland in the abdomen. Thus to correct Liver action, the working of the Pancreas and the digestive problems, and to increase body metabolism, we make use of the word ‘R’ in the breathing Mantra. This also stimulates the life saving Adrenal glands.

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