Pranic Healing: Stimulating Mooladhara / Basic Sex Chakra with Their Seed Words

Seed Word = L
Inhale Mantra = LANM
Exhale Mantra = MOOLIL
Associated Words= S, SH
Principle = EARTH

The basic chakra gives power to the legs and is located between the base of the spine and the genital organ. It strengthens the Sex gland – the procreative gland, hence it is called BASIC or MOOLADHARA, on which the whole life process depends. This Chakra forms the Base of the Kundalini – the Divine Potential Energy, normally lying dormant and in its dormant state, it is compared to a coiled serpent and when the Kundalini energy becomes kindled, it moves up alongwith the breath to other Chakras, through the so called Sushumna opening in the spine to ultimately illuminate our Being. The seed word of Basic Chakra is “L’ and its associated words S & SH are able to kindle the Kundalini.


Inhale with the word LAN where N is pronouced like the word N in Long or Song with which we can inhale as deep as we like. Thus word LAN yokes us with Infinity-the Super-Conscious Life Energy Field and raises the kundalini energy, so kindled with the power of the word LAN, to move up along with the breath through the Sushumna opening in the spine. Then, the breath activates the crown chakra with its seed word M by the inhale mantra LANM.

Pause for a second and then start exhaling with the mantra ‘MOOLIL’ upto the location of BASIC CHAKRA, which will set up resonant sonic vibrations in the Basic/Mooladhara Chakra with ‘LIL’ to stimulate it. Pause for a second or more but convenience is the watch word. Giving a pause at the Chakra while thinking of the Chakra, will kindle the chakra because Thought is the most refined form of pranic energy to stimulate the chakra. Then inhale/exhale as above ten times or so to stimulate this chakra. Similarly, we stimulate all the following chakras individually with their seed words.

It may please be noted here that it is the word LAN which opens the sushumna opening in the spine while the word LAN instead takes the breath to the Brow chakra (seed word N) and the left brain through the right nostril which is the energizing breath, called pingala the Sun Breath while the word LAM takes the breath through the left nostril to the crown chakra/right brain (seed word M) which is cpoling and pacifying breath (Ida) called moon breath. But the word LAN yokes us with Infinity-the Super Conscious Life Energy field to fulfil our Being, breathing equally through both the nostrils. Thus, it is the transducer of pranic energy.

It prefers neither the right brain nor the left brain but permeates and unifies the total brain. It is stressed here that potential kundalini energy is made kinetic with the help of the seed word L (BASIC CHAKRA), S, SH (breath centre) & also with V-the seed word of the following swadhishtana chakra given below. And see the Beauty that the word ‘VESSEL’ is also constituted of these very words – V, S & L. as if kundalini is the vessel of energy. The mantra – MOVE -VESSEL will help to kindle the divine kundalini and make it move up along with its mirror image inhale mantra – LASSAVANM.

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