Pranic Healing: Mantra to Rejuvenate your Heart

It is indeed a great MIRACLE of nature that our heart can circulate blood continously in our body for more than 100 years without even a second’s rest. It is one of the most robust organs in our body, provided we do not damage it by overdrinking alcohol or overstressing the heart in so many other ways.

The seed word for strengthening heart is Y and its associated word is J. They say, you are as young as your heart. Thus, make ‘young’ as your breath to Juvenate the heart.

1. Inhale with = YOUNG-SPOKEN as YANG
Exhale with = YOONG

2. Inhale with = SO YOUNG-Spoken as SAU-YAANG
Exhale with = You SING

If your heart is strong and full of compassion, life becomes a song and most of the young persons are found singing in their bathroom. Thus, keep singing with the above breathing mantra and become young.

3. Another heart friendly mantra is

Inhale with = SAYYAN
Exhale with = NEEY – YEES or NEW YES

The exhale mantra is also suggestive, giving a hypnotic suggestion to say Yes to life, say yes to every new day with new hope and new vigour. This mantra also strengthens the Brow Chakra with its seed word N to strengthen the left Brain and also the eye sight, besides the pituitary gland with the resonant sonic vibrations of N to boost our immune system. The word G in mantra no 1 is also an associate word for left Brain and the Brow Chakra.

4. Another similar heart friendly mantra is

Inhale with = SAYYAM
Exhale with = ME YOU SHE

Here we have replaced ‘N’ with ‘M’ which is the seed word for Crown chakra. It strengthens the right Brain and the pineal gland.

Before we proceed with other heart friendly mantras, let me say a word about emergency heart problem. Angina Pectoris is the first stage of heart disease, when the heart muscle cries for Oxygen and shows itself as pain in the heart region and left arm. This is an emergency situation which must be attended to by a competent heart Physician. There is a Micro Cylinder of Oxygen available in the form of Dinitrate (Sorbitrate)tablets which should be immediately procured from the nearest chemist and kept below the tongue before the heart physician reaches the patient or the patient is sent to a Heart Clinic. There is also a Homoeopathic medicine Gloinine 3x, which also supplies Oxygen and should be kept in the home for emergency use or a pack of Dinitrate tablets.

For curing people of Angina, heart surgeons are also now resorting to Laser Beam Therapy in which the Laser Beam pierces Micro-holes in the diseased portion of the heart muscle. It results in creating new path ways of blood channels for supplying Oxygen directly from the arterial blood supply of the heart into these microholes created by the Laser Beam.

And if we make our thought move alongwith the breathing mantra, it pierces the Heart Muscle with the Thought Laser Beam, because the thought is the most refined form of Pranic Energy, more mono-directional and Coherent than even the Laser Beam, because powerfully beamed thought energy can even cure as well as harm another person even at a distance. Thus, the word Y by its resonant sonic energy can make micro-micro-holes, supplemented by the thought power, if we end the breathing mantra at Y and give a convenient PAUSE there of one or two seconds, concentrating and thinking good of the Heart. The word PRIYY ends at Y and is thus very suitable for the above practice. And the word YA will then fulfill the heart with Oxygen and Pranic Life Energy and Compassion.

5. Thus exhale with = OMNI – PRIYYYY
Inhale with = YA – PRAN NAM

The word PRIYYA means LOVED ONE and it is the loving person who is capable of showing compassion and love for one and all. This is the seed mantra of heart rejuvenation.

The above breathing mantras will surely strengthen the Heart Muscle though the method is slow but steady and sure to cure heart disease, supplemented with heart friendly diet, provided we inhale/exhale with these mantras by speaking them silently and rhythmically by focusing our thought on the heart, when we inhale and exhale with the word Y or J. Do it for 5 to 10 minutes both morning and evening in a pollution free environment and soon you will begin to notice the beneficial effects on your heart functioning and thus you will not need a knife of a Heart Surgeon because they demand 10 bottles of blood to be donated by ten different persons. Is it ethical to live on with so many other peoples’ blood flowing in our veins to survive?

6. Another very beneficial mantra for the heart is Hindi/Urdu word J WAN which means Young and the word J is also a word which strengthens the Heart as said above.

Inhale with = J WAN
Exhale with = JEEVUN or JUVEEN

7. The word JUVENATE is also a Juvenating mantra for the Heart.

Thus exhale with = JUVENATE
Inhale with = VAJATAN

8. In order to give a Hypotic feeling of continuous process of rejuvenation:-

Exhale with = JUVENATING
Inhale with = VAJATANNANG

9. In order to metabolise fat and food properly so that the harmful fatty Cholesterol does not accumulate in our blood arteries, we strengthen the Liver/abdominal & Pancreas secretions with the seed word of Navel Chakra R in breathing mantra No. 4. Also we include the word H in the breathing mantra to strengthen the Thyroid gland which also helps to properly metabolise fats as well as Carbo-hydrates in our body. It also establishes the communication between the heart and the Brain through the cervical region of the spine.

Thus inhale with = SARAYAHHAM
Exhale with = MIHHI-YOU-REESH

The above breathing matnra is a very very potent one to rejuvenate our body and heart. This is another seed mantra for Heart Rejuvenation.

10. We are all seeking glimpses of JOY and the day we lose track of that Joyous vision in our life, depression sets in, the heart as well as digestion slackens and life starts losing its meaning. This is the beginning of our heart problems. Thus, keep up the spirit of enjoyment,and make it your breath. And the word ‘JOY’ contains the words J & Y – both the seed words for heart.

Thus exhale with = I AM JOYOUS
Inhale with = SAYAJAMMAN

Inhale with = AYYA JANAMMONG

But, we must enjoy with-in our body limits. The motto-Eat, Drink & Be Merry is O.K. as long as it is with-in our body limits because over-eating, over-drinking and over-merriment can then become a torture for our body – to our Being & thus detrimental to our heart. So we have to live within the discipline for which the Hindi word is NIYYUM. This is also a heart friendly mantra,.

12. Exhale with = NIYYUM
Inhale with = YANAM

This mantra also stimulates the left brain, pituitary gland with N- and the right brain & pineal gland with M.

13. Another great mantra for heart is to keep up the spirit of youth and warmth and our heart will never fail us for which I always say, “Twenty warm embraces a Day keeps the heart surgeon away.”

First, because Embrace is so joyful & heart warming; ii) It gives physical warm Pulsations to the heart muscle besides mental pulsations of Joy. Its benefits are many many foldjust not two fold.

Thus inhale with = WARM
Exhale with = EMBRACE

14. The simplest heart friendly mantra is SANJEEV

Inhale with = SANJ
Exhale with = JEEV

The word SAN yokes us with the Infinity – the super-consciousness to draw in as much pranic life energy as possible and then ends at J – the seed word for Heart. Then we exhale with JEEV (which means a living Being in Hindi language). The word ‘V is the seed word for Ovary Chakra and lower intestines where the digested food is absorbed in the blood for circulation to all the cells of our body. In view of its importance, a separate chapter is devoted to it.

15. Last, but not the least, our modern day Managers need to possess a very strong heart to support them in their mad mad race for competition, efficiency & power.

For this exhale with = MANAGERIAL
Inhale with = LARA JANAM

It is indeed a total body and heart rejuvenating mantra because it stimulates the divine Kundalini energy with L, the liver, the Pancreas and emergency adrenal glands with R, the heart with J, the left brain and Pituitary gland with N and the right brain and the Pineal gland with M.

Now, a few words about the heart friendly exercises. Walking is the most natural aerobic exercise very very good for the heart. Walk at your convenient pace for 30 to 40 minutes in the morning. If due to some disability, one is not able to walk, then sitting in a chair or lying in bed on the back, alternate movement of the hands up and down as in walking tones up the heart. Do it for 10 to 20 times. Rest, then repeat again as convenient. Similarly, you can move your legs alternately up & down as in walking, conveniently, for 8 to 10 times. Rest and repeat as it suits you.

Regarding Heart friendly diet, volumes of books have been written. The sum and substance of all these books is to take ample supplements of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in the form of Salads, fibrous food i.e. Oatmeal, porridge, sprouted grains and to avoid fried foods as far as possible and also to limit the intake of non-vegetarian food to prescribed limits. I usually advise taking one clove of garlic everyday with milk at Breakfast to take care of the naughty cholesterol. The Garlic also discourages clotting of blood and also stimulates the immune system by supplying some of the required nutrients.

Whenever, I get a mild chest pain in the heart region due to over-eating or otherwise, I rejuvenate my heart/digestion with the breathing mantra No 9 i.e. inhale with SARAYAHAM & exhale with MIHIYOUREESH and the pain vanishes in a few minutes. If the pain continues, then immediately take one tablet of Dinitrate and consult the Doctor.

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