Pranic Healing: The King of Mantras ‘Nam’

The word “NAM” means a word or Holy word -a Mantra given by the Hindu sages to their devotees for daily silent chanting and it is not to be disclosed to anyone else. This is like a secret NAME GIVING from the Guru to the faithful disciple – the ‘NAM’ to be chanted all day or whenever convenient or stressed to make the disciple lead a stressfree existence.Guru Nanak -the founder of Sikh Religion attaches great sanctity to Holy Word by saying, “Sabda, the Word, is the guru and the mind attuned to the Word is the disciple.”

And in our breathing MANTRA Therapy, the Mantra – NAM is used as a suffix to the inhale Mantra and is the king of all mantras because it contains the word N & M, the seed words of Brow chakra and Crown chakra respectively.

The word ‘N’ by its resonant sonic vibrations strengthens the left brain, the eyes and the pituitary gland – the Director of total endocrine orchestra in our body/mind system and thus plays the most important part in meeting the challenge of stress.

The word ‘M’ being the seed word for crown chakra, strengthens the upper right brain and the pineal gland and comes to the rescue of left brain whenever necessary, to calm and soothe the mind by releasing melatonin hormone.Thus, the word NAM stimulates the total brain. This is why we call it the king of mantras.

And if we add the word ALL – the seed word of basic chakra, then we are able to inhale deeply from the bottom of the spine.

1. Thus

Inhale with = ALLA – NAM
Exhale with = NEELUM

The word ‘Neelam’ stands for a precious blue Gemstone in our Urdu/Hindi language. This word when spelled as Neelum helps us to see the blue diamond inbetween the two eye brows at the site of 3rd eye/brow chakra. The inhale mantra – ALLA-NAM-means – all is in the name, though Shakespeare said long back, “What is there in a name, a rose will smell as sweet by whatever name you call it.” But here the word ‘NAM’ is specific and is a miracle mantra to cure various diseases since the word ‘NAM’ helps to boost our immune system.

Another suggestive mantra with ‘NAM’ is given below:-

2. And

Inhale with = ALLA – RAJA – NAM (It means the king of all is NAM)
Exhale with = MANAGERIAL

And as we know Manager is the king of the office. And this suggestive breathing mantra rejuvenates our total body/mind system and will thus help us to become good Manager of ourself and in the office.

Another very useful mantra with NAM is given below:-

3. Inhale with = SDA – NAM
Exhale with = MEDICINE

This is indeed a very suggestive mantra which will prove a good medicine to cure the ailing person without costing him/her a penny.

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