Pranic Healing: The Godly Mantra


The word OMNI means ALL and its also constitutes all the healing properties, because N is the seed word for Brow Chakra and it strengthens with its sonic resonant vibrations the left brain, the eyes which are the Beholder of our body. Also the word ‘N’ stimulates the pituitary gland which is the master gland controlling the total endocrine hormonal orchestra in our body, thus strengthening our total body immune system to fight against disease. And word ‘M’ is the seed word for crown chakra, it strengthens the right brain and the mind and the pineal gland which is the transducer of super-conscious field.

The word ‘OMNI’ is to be used as exhale mantra for which it is to be spoken as “OOMNI’ and its inhale mantra is ‘NAMMA which means salutation in our Hindi language. In life, every one salutes the person who is imbibed with all qualities and so the mantra ‘OOMNI-NAMMA means – Salutation to God. And when this mantra OOMNI is combined with PRESENT, it becomes God—OOMNI-PRESENT, who is present every where.

1. Exhale with = OOMNI-PRESENT
Inhale with = SA-PRA-NAMMANT

(i) The word SA kindles the divine Kundalini energy to move up alongwith the breath to the crown chakra (M)

(ii) The word ‘PRA helps to breathe totally, from the abdomen with its seed word ‘R’ to endow the Fire to our body by proper digestion and assimilation of food and the word ‘P’ helps the cardio – vascular circulation.

(iii) The word MAN Yokes us with infinity – the superconsciousness to draw in as much pranic life energy as possible.

(iv) And the inhale mantra ends at the word T’ which strengthens the salivary glands to secrete properly to predigest the food in the mouth, particularly the starches.

Thus the above mantra is a total body/mind rejuventation mantra, it helps develop control over mind with wdrd ‘M\ N&T and to illuminate the mind with the divine Kundalini energy so kindled with the word ‘S’.

2. Another ‘OOMNF mantra which helps us to imbibe in us the OOMNI knowledge of God is “OOMNI-Scient”. Let us make it our breath.

Exhale with = OOMNI – SCIENT
Inhale with = ASHA – NAMMANT

3. And let us also imbibe in us the All-power-ful nature of God-by making the exhale mantra “OOMNI-POTENT” as our breath.

Exhale with = OOMNI-POOTENT
Inhale with = PANAMA – DANT

The word ‘D’ & T are almost equivalent in their action.

This mantra particularly strengthens the teeth because it sets up to & fro resonant sonic vibrations in the teeth with the words – TENT & DANT.

Now all the ‘OOMNI’ breathing mantras given above are stress dissolving mantras, because God is the Greatest stress dissolver. And once we have faith in God and begin to feel HIS OOMNI PRESENCE everywhere, then we do no evil, think no evil and talk no evil and we also begin to surrender to God to cure us of all the stress and the stress automatically dissolves.

Now, we shall make many other suggestive and healing mantras with ‘OOMNI’ :-

4. Exhale with = OOMNI – PEACE
Inhale with = SAPANAMMAN

5. And God helps those who help themselves, Here, we can help to heal ourselves by breathing with the following very suggestive breathing mantra.

Exhale with = OOMNI – HELPING

The above mantra includes ‘H’ the healing seed word of throat chakra, which strengthens the Thyroid gland which is called the watchman gland of our body/mind system and helps in fat/ carbohydrate metabolism while also re-establishing the proper communication link in the cervical region of our spine.

6. Let us become as Diligent as God, and make it our breath;

Exhale with = OOMNI-DILIGENT

Besides its many other benefits, it is also a heart friendly Mantra because of its seed word ‘J’.

It also strengthens the teeth with the words T & D besides yoking us with infinity with Nammah

7. Let us fill ourselves with the God’s bliss and make it as our breath.

Exhale with OOMNI = BLISS
Inhale with = LA-SBANA-MAN

8. Similarly let us fill ourselve with the Grace of God and make it our breath.

Exhale with = OOMNI-GRACIOUS
Inhale with = SHA-RA-GA-NAMMAN

9. Similarly we can feel as pleased as God.

Exhale with = OOMNI-PLEASED
Inhale with = LAZAPA-NAMMAND

10. Let us invoke the Healing Power of God and get healed in the process.

Exhale with = OOMNI HEALING
Inhale with = LAHA NAM MAN G

11. Last but not the least let us link ourselves with God, so that God begins to reveal to us.

Inhale with = LAVARA-YA-NAMANG

The above mantra stimulates all the energy chakras of our body/mind system except the throat chakra, which the mantra no. 10 contains i.e. the seed word ‘H’. Thus if we can inhale/exhale with mantra No. 10 for two minutes (20 times) and with mantra No. 11 for 4 minutes (40 times) every morning and evening daily in a pollution free environment we will soon get filled with the God’s all pervading pranic life energy to heal us completely with no disease ever coming near us.

When we exhale with OOMNI-PLEASED, I am pleased within, I am inner pleased i.e. OOMNI-PLEASED because the Soul which resides in our body is thus pleased and as beautifully said by Jeremy Taylor.

“It is not the eye that sees the beauty of the heaven, nor the ear that hears the sweetness of music or the glad tidings of a prosperous occurence, but the soul, that perceives all the relishes of sensual and intellectual perfections and the more noble and excellent the soul is, the greater and more savoury are its perceptions.”

Thus, it is the OOMNI-SOUL which feels blissful with the breathing mantra-OOMNI-bliss, which is our own soul, thus all the breathing mantras with ‘OOMNI’ uplift our soul and our total self, our total BEING, May we feel the OOMNI PRESENCE and OOMNI-EFFULGENCE of God always within us.


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