Pranic Healing: Healing Properties of the Mantra PRA

‘PRA’ is a mantra of PRAN (Life), PRANA (Life Motivating Energy), PRAYER, Improve, PRANAM (Salutation) and above all for Pramatman (God). The word PRA helps to breathe totally i.e. both from the abdomen with R and from the lungs with P. This mantra PRA is similar to the word BRA in its effect which is also the SEED MANTRA for total breathing.

1. Inhale with = PRANNAN
Exhale withe = INNI-PREEN

(i) The word ‘R’ in PRA helps to give FIRE to our body by properly digesting the food and its proper assimilation by secretion of Insulin by the pancreas and strengthening all the abdominal glands including liver and pancreas.
(ii) The word ‘P’ helps cardio-vascular system to breathe and circulate oxygen and the pranic energy.
(iii) The word ‘N’ is the seed word for brow chakra, it strengthens the left brain and eye sight and also the pituitary gland which is the master gland controlling the secretions of all other glands in our body. Thus, its strengthens our total immune system.
(iv) The word N Yokes us with infinity – the super consciousness to draw in as much pranic life energy as possible and even store it, in the solar plexus. Thus the mantra PRANA is the simplest life giving mantra true to its name.

2. We can add NATH to PRAN (which means master of my life)

Inhale with = PRAN- NATH
Exhale with = INNI-PREET
(which means Inner Love)

3. We can add, M at the end of the word ‘PRANA to strengthen our right brain, mind and the pineal gland.

Inhale with = PRANAM
Exhale with = MUNI-PREE

The word PRANAM in Hindi means salutation.

4. Thw word PRAMATMAN in our Sanskrit/Hindi language means-God, the word PRAM means ultimate and ATMAN means Soul. And it is a unifying mantra with God.

Inhale with = PRAMATMAN
Exhale with = IMTI-PRAIM (This means I am the Love)

In this mantra, we have included the word T, which is the seed word for taste glands and also helps to improve our all tastes in life, to live life fully for the ATMA (Soul) to enjoy all tastes to its satisfaction while holidaying in our body temple. 5. The word “ASHA’ in Hindi language means ‘HOPE’ and if we attach ASHA to PRAMATMA, it means, O, God help me to give me the Hope for life and Hope to survive my illness etc.. Also the word ‘ASHA helps us to breath right from the bottom of our legs. Thus, it strengthens the legs, boosts the sex power and also kindles the divine kundalini to move it upto the crown chakra with M. Thus the following mantra is a mind illuminating one to give us that Great Hope.

Inhale with = ASHA-PRAMATMAN
Exhale with OOMNI = PRIEST

6. We have also said above that the ‘PRA’ is also a mantra of ‘PRAYER’

Inhale with = PRAYER
Exhale with = RAYA-PAN

7. Inhale with = I AM IN PRAYER
Exhale with = ARRA-YA-PANAM or YA- PRANAM

However, I must stress that the word ‘PRAYER’ gives double stress on the word ‘R’ which is the seed word of navel chakra/solar plexus. It helps to improve liver action, the pancreas and all other secretions in our abdomen to digest and assimilate food to give ‘FIRE’ to our body. The word ‘R’ also stimulates our emergency life saving Adrenal gland. And the word Y is the seed word for Heart Chakra, so that Mantra prayer also strengthens our Heart, and gives our heart the compassion to love the whole humanity to say – we are all the children of this beautiful world and LET NO ONE SLEEP WITHOUT A SQUARE MEAL.


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