Pranic Healing: What is Pranic Healing?

Prana, as already explained, is the Universal Life Energy which sustains life and it is present in the Air. Ether, Water, Sunlight/Fire. Vegetables, fruits, grains and various other earth elements/ minerals, various herbs/ chemicals/medicines-all of those agents which help to sustain life in varying degree; and their excessive use, however, results, in harmful side effects.

Just, to cite an example, sunbathing is useful activity for the proper growth ^f our body, but the same sunlight can harm our body with long exposure, particularly, in old age; when our capacity to metabolise sunlight diminishes. The same sunlight which nurtures the young plants during their growth period dries them up near their fag end.

Thus, the secret of pranic healing lies in always GROWING through proper inhalation/ exhalation with Resonant mantras as given in the following Chapters of this book, combined with balanced nutrition. And this continuous growing happens because we raise the energy level of our body/mind system through constant attunement of our chakras with the resonant sonic energy of their seed words.

Just, as in a television set, we can control the sound and picture intensity by pressing a switch in the remote control, similarly these seed words of astral chakras are the switches for stimulating them to release life sustaining hormones in the blood stream to boost our immune system to fight any invading disease. Thus we can recharge our life battery continuously with Pranic Energy to propel our life engine efficiently, by properly digesting and utilising the food, and its circulation in the blood stream.

Besides, pranic healing with a resonant mantra can expand our consciousness to make us fully enlightened Person, a SIDHA, thus we can become a lamp to ourself and to all others. Thus, surcharged with pranic energy, we become a channel for Universal Life Energy to flow through us abundantly to not only elevate our energy levels to heal us but also empowers us to heal others.

It must be stressed here that the exhale breathing mantra decongests the chakra and sweeps away the disease from the associated body organs, while the inhale mantra fulfills it with pranic life energy, may times more than the conventional pranayam, because of the resonant absorption of sonic energy by the Chakra with its seed word. Such is power of word that Christ declares it in New Testament. “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God”.

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