Pranic Healing: Healing Qualities of Ahanm Mantra

The whole universe is centred around the Self Evolution ‘AHANM’ which, in Sanskrit Language means SELF or MYSELF. Everyone loves one-self the most. Thus, this mantra focuses attention on self Healing and if we come to realize our own self or our own existence every moment of our life, we can never fall ill.

i) The word A in AHANM means inhalation in Mantric breathing.

ii) The word ‘H’ is the seed word of Vishudha/ throat Chakra. It stimulates the Thyroid gland which is the gland of growth, helps’ in metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. And the word AHA’ also helps to re-establish the communication between the Body and the Mind through the cervical region of the spine.

iii) The word HAN yokes us with Infinity – the super consciousness to draw in as much pranic life energy as possible to fulfill our total BEING and then stimulates the crown chakra with its seed word M.

iv) The word ‘M’ by its resonant sonic vibrations strengthens the right upper brain and the mind – the Charioteer of our body. The word AHANM is only an inhale mantra. Its exhale counter part is given below:

1. Thus inhale with = AH HAN M
Exhale with = MAIN HOON or MIHHIEN

The exhale mantra MAIN HOON also means – I AM (I exist herewith). This is the most meaningful Mantra for ourself. This whole world exists for me as long as I Exist. This mantra helps us to REMEMBER our own existence, to fulfill our BEING totally.

2. Fulfill Your Heart

Inhale with = YA + AHANM = YAH HAN M
Exhale with = MIHIYYIEN

This mantra also strengthens the heart and fills our heart with compassion with its seed word.

3. Improve Digestion

Let us add ‘R’ to the above mantra to improve our digestion. The word ‘R’ is the seed word for Navel chakra, it stimulates the liver, the Pancreas and all abdominal secretions, the spleen and even the Adrenal gland-our emergency life saviour gland.

A. Inhale with = RA + AHANM = RAH HAN M
Exhale with = I AM HERE or MIHHIR

B. Inhale with = RAJA + AHANM = RAJAHHANM
Exhale with = HJOORIE MAIN

The inhale mantra 3B means I am the king of myself and the exhale mantra means – I surrrender unto you completely, I have become the valley, ready to be fulfilled. This is indeed a very potent health restoring breathing mantra.

4. Breathe fully from Abdomen and Lungs

Inhale with = BRA + AHANM = BRAHHANM
Exhale with = MIHHI – BRIEN

This mantra helps us to breathe fully, both from the abdomen with its seed word R and from the lungs with B. Thus, this mantra helps to fulfill Ahahm — our being with Pranic life energy to dissolve our stress, improve our digestion, because total-breathing including abdominal breathing is known to dissolve stress.

And we must not forget that we are Yoked with God through the medium of breath and the whole Universe (BRAHAMAND) is also supposed to breathe, as it expands and contracts.

5. Thus Inhale with = BRAHAMAND (This means Universe)
Exhale with = MIHI-BREATHE (The word D is equivalent to Th)

Thus, love yourself and breathe lovingly with Ahahm and you shall never fall ill. Make Ahanm your breath and you will never exceed your biological limits to cause it stress.

In this connection, I remember my college days, when I was asked to participate alongwith my other two class-mates to speak on the subject, “The dearest person in my life” All three of us were asked to speak for five minutes on our individual dearest person. I spoke thus :-

“Today when I was asked to speak on “Whom I love the most in my life,” my thoughts rushed in search of such a person. In my childhood, my mother was the dearest to me, she is a beautiful lady who loved and caressed me the most, but as I grew upto 7 years old, my first brother was born, then all my mother’s attention got shifted to my younger brother. My mother had hardly any time to love and caress me.

Then, as I grew up, my mother and father would spend their spare time in club and ask me to read books all the time and finish my home work and whenever I happened to eat roadside fast food, they will admonish me not to eat such hot stuff, as it will harm my stomach and digestion; but my parents themselves will take the same fast food off & on, with their friends. Thus, my mother fell from the ‘ pedestal of idealism in my estimation and I no i longer loved my mother as dearly as earlier in my 1 childhood.

Then, as I joined the High School, there I came to love the Captain of our School Hockey Team. He was like a wizard in the game of hockey. He would dribble the hockey ball and take it from one end of the goal to the other side to score a goal, with such speed and dexterity, crossing all opponents on the way. I began to love him the most. He also liked me and taught me how to play hockey correctly. But the boy was quite senior to me, and soon left the School and thus faded out of my memory.

After some time, the lady class teacher of my class captured my imagination. She was indeed a very good teacher and beautiful too. She will exhort me to become a good citizen and also inspire me to score good marks. She was very kind to me and I also began to like her the most; but after some time, she got married and left the school and she also faded from my memory.

Today, when I have entered the 17th year of my life, my mother often compliments me by saying, “you have grown beautiful.” My father also compliments by saying, “You have grown smart” and my mother’s lady friends also greet me by saying, “You have become charming.”

Everyone has started appreciating me – How I walk, How I talk, How I look. And these days when I look up myself in the mirror, I find myself very healthy, smart and beautiful, my cheeks radiating glow and my eyes shining. Thus, these days, “I Like My-Self the Most,” but who will be my most loved one in future, this, time and circumstances alone will tell”. Thus, I ended my speech and I was awarded the 1st prize for this talk.

And, there is no denying this fact that all we do is ultimately to make ourself happy. Thus, REMEMBER yourself daily by inhaling with ‘AHANM and exhaling with MAIN HOON (which also means I exist) and so doing, you will always remain disease free. Thus, we also come to realize our abilities, and limitations, our true place in this Universe and so knowing, we continue to improve and evolve with the use of these breathing mantras, because these help us to communicate with the Universal LIFE Energy Field continuously and, lead us to the Realization of the Self which is another name of Self Enlightenment.

It is not for the sake of the husband, my beloved, that the husband is dear, but for the sake of the Self….. my beloved, the wife is dear, for the sake of the Self. It is not for the sake of the children, my beloved, that the children are dear, but for the sake of the Self.

— Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

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