Pranic Healing: Heal Yourself with Pranic Healing

You are thy own Healer. The word HEALTHY is derived from the word HEAL THEE and this is indeed very very True. Make the very suggestive healing mantra “HEAL THEE” as you breath.

1. Exhale with = HEAL — THEE
Inhale with = LAHHANTH

This mantra helps us to breathe from the bottom of the spine with L, through the cervical region of the spine with (H), and then yokes us with infinity – the super consciousness with HAN and ends at TH – the seed word for taste/teeth and salivary glands. It also stimulates pituitary gland.

i) And the word L generates in us the will power to heal ourself, gives power to the legs and boosts the sex glands, kindles our divine kundalini energy to illuminate our total being.

ii) The word ‘H’ – the seed word for Vishudha/ Throat chakra stimulates the Thyroid – the gland of growth and vitality and re-establishes the communication betweeen the body and the mind. Thus, it is a very HEALSOME mantra. The word HEAL-SOME is also a very potent mantra.

2. Exhale with = HEALSOME
Inhale with = LA – SAHAM

This mantra instead stimulates the crown chakra with its seed word M, strengthens the right brain and the pineal gland.

3. The word ‘HEALING’ suggests the continuous process of healing.

Exhale with = I AM HEALING or IMMIH – HEALING.
Inhale with = LAHHAM-MANG

In this mantra, the word ‘G’ stimulates the left brain/pituitary gland and the sense endings of smell, it also stimulates the hormone – immunoglobin A in the nasal cavities to protect against invading bacteria/viruses which are always lurking around to attack us.

4. Similarly

Exhale with = HEAL – ME
Inhale with = LAHHAM

5. Also

Inhale with = LAHAM – MANTH.

6. Similarly

Exhale with = HEAL – WOMB
Inhale with = LAVABHAN

This mantra will help to heal the right womb.

All the above very suggestive breathing mantras, inspite of being very very simple mantras, are indeed very very effective to put us back on the rails of health, supplemented with a balanced nourishing diet. These mantras will also go a long way in healing persons suffering from cervical spondylitis which is a common ailment prevalent amongst the desk workers these days.

“Look into the depths of your own soul and you will understand why this illness was bound to come upon you.”

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