Pranic Healing: Develop Wisdom with Pranic Healing

“You cannot turn back the clock; but wind it up again”

The above quotation by Bonnie Prudden is indeed very prudent and with the following breathing mantras you can rewind your chronological clock by 10 to 20 years and these mantras will also help you to become prudent and grow wisdom teeth.

1. Exhale with = I AM PRUDENT
Inhale with = PRAMA DANT


2. Inhale with = PRADHANNA- DANT
Exhale with = INNI – PRUDENT


3. Exhale with = OOMNI – PRUDENT
Inhale with = PRANAMA – DANT

i) The word ‘PRA’ helps us to breathe totally both from the abdomen with R and from the lungs with P to fulfill our BEING.

ii) The word ‘N’ is the seed word for Brow chakra. It stimulates the left brain, the eye sight and the Pituitary gland to boost our immune system.

iii) The word ‘M’ is the seed word for Crown Chakra. It strengthens the right brain, the pineal gland and the mind.

The word D&T are the seed words for teeth. The word DANT & DENT help to send to & fro pranic life energy between the teeth to set up sonic resonant vibrations to strengthen teeth. Thus, this mantra will help to develop WISDOM TEETH & also rewind the clock of life.

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