Pranic Healing: Mantra to Boost Sex Power

“Desire never rests by enjoyment of lusts as Fire Surely increases, the more butter is added to it”. Laws of Manu 2.94.

We are the Embodiment of Sex- we have come into this world through the ecstatic Union of a male and female body. In fact satisfying sex act is the most unifying experience of two bodies into common love bondage- the most blissful union of two better halves made for each other. And each person has an aura of sex around him or her, the more the aura, the more we get attracted to each other. Mind is the door to sex arousal, the same mind also becomes a barrier, when the sex senses get dulled. The aim of this chapter is to boost sex control in young people., and help sex arousal in aged persons if they so desire.

Sex is the release valve, for the over-flowing life energy in our body. In peak youth, this energy is full to its brim and the sex enjoyment, both its quality and quantity is also at its peak. But, soon the Bank Balance of Life Energy starts getting depleted; unless we continuously fill it up by the interaction of Pranic Life energy with the intake of highly nutritious food. This is the secret of enduring sex power in most of the people showing greater sexual vigour.

Since life is Breath which charges our Life battery with Pranic Life Energy, we make use of this breath, both to control and arouse sex, with the resonant sonic vibration of certain words which strengthen our sex glands, i.e. L, S, V and increase the fire in our body with word R and boost fat metabolism with the word ‘H’ and develop mind control with the words MANT, MIND, MENT etc.

1) Exhale with = KRISH
Inhale with = SHNAN

The words K&N dictate sex in the brain. These are the seed words for Brow Chakra and pituitary gland in the brain. It is the pituitary gland which sends the signal of arousal to the sex glands, after the mind is aroused by the sexual aura of the opposite sex and the sex glands as said earlier are strengthened by the words S/ SH/ L/ V. The words LOVE, voules vous, SEX, LING (sex organ) are all constituted of the words L, V, S, K, G, N etc. while ‘R’ is the seed word for Navel/ Manipur Chakra which strengthens the Fire principle and provides us the Fuel to our sex power. Thus, the word Krish- Shnah is indeed a very potent single stage mantra complete in itself to strengthen the sex vigour.

But proper fuel & balanced nutritious diet is a must for continued sex virility. In fact, once, competing in a prize winning entry for Glaxo Advertisement, I wrote, “I like Glucose-D because it keeps me Healthy, Vigorous and Naughty, though long back, I crossed forty”.

2) Another single stage breathing mantra for boosting sex power is to use the power of the word L – the seed word for basic Muladhara Chakra, located between the bottom of the spine and the genital organ. It strengthens sex glands, stands for earth principle, gives power to the legs and boosts sex power.

Exhale with = KLIEN
Inhale with = LAKKAN

3) The word for sex organ in our Hindi Language is LING. This is good exhale mantra for boosting sex power.

Inhale with = INCREASE LING
Exhale with = LARA – ZKANNANG

This is indeed a powerful mantra to boost sex power, because it contains words K, N, G, L, all sex boosting words.

Another very powerful sex boosting mantra and also very suggestive in nature is

4) Exhale with = INCREASE – PHALLUS
Inhale with = ALLA – SARA – FZAK -KAN
Another very very potent sex power boosting mantra as well as giving the mind control for Retentivity is :

5) Inhale with = LAVA BRA HAM AND

The word Brahamand in Hindi language means-the whole Universe The Inhale mantra connotes as if semen is the creative “Lava of Universe”. This is a five stage breathing mantra which rejuvenates the complete body/mind system and strengthens the total glandular activity of our body.

Now, let me speak how the above words actuate various glands in our body/mind system is given below :-

i) The word L/S, as said earlier, are the seed words for basic sex chakra and hence by its resonant sonic vibrations strengthens the sex gland.

ii) The word V is the seed word for Swadhishtana Chakra, it strengthens ovaries which nurture life, It stands for water principles, it also helps in both assimilation as well as elimination processes of life, in the lower intestines.

iii) ‘R’ is the seed word for Manipur Chakra which represents FIRE principle, it helps to give fuel to our body/sex by providing better digestion of food by strengthening liver, pancreas and all abdominal secretions.

iv) The word H is the seed word for Throat/ Vishudha Chakra. It strengthens the Thyroid gland, which helps in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. It also helps to open up the clogged arteries (with age) in the upper cervical spine region for better communication between the brain and the body. They say, You are as young as your Thyroid Gland because it helps to make us look attractive for proper sex appeal.

v) The word ‘BR’ helps the bronchial tubes in the lungs to breathe to their optimum capacity and it also helps to breathe from the abdomen with the help of seed word ‘R’ for better digestion and assimilation of food.

vi) The word ‘PH’ helps to fulfill the lungs to provide pranic energy to all the cells of the body including sex organ.

yii) The word ‘M’ is the seed word for the crown chakra, which helps to strengthen the right brain, the word ‘N’ is the seed word for brow chakra which strengthens the left brain and the words M & N together strengthen both the pineal and pituitary glands which control the total glandular activity in our body/mind system and the words M, N & D help to control the total mind and the intelligence which is the charioteer of our body. Thus, the breathing mantra No. (6) provides pranic life energy to the total body/ mind system – rejuvenating it completely by charging the life battery and also strengthening the total body immune system to make us, healthy and vigorous which is essential for vigorous sex, as they go together. The word MAND/ MIND helps to improve sexual retention and this rententivity in sex will improve further, if we give a convenient pause at the end of the breath, both at the end of inhalation and exhalation. And we should try to extend this pause period and more the pause period, more the power of semen retention is achieved.

Inhale/exhale 10 times each with all the six breathing mantras by speaking the mantra inwardly, smoothly, deeply and as non-violently as possible to simulate the noiseless natural breathig. This will take about 7 minutes. Do it both morning and evening; or if you can practice with the all potent mantra No. 6 alone for seven minutes, it will have a superlative effect to rejuvenate our body/mind/ sex power completely.

Conjugal relationship : No male person is impotent, except through Injury. Impotency in men is mostly psychological, because men are expected to prove their erectile and staying power. That becomes the cause of fear – psychosis for newly married men, particularly in India where premarital sex is a taboo. And this first night experience has a lasting impression on conjugal happiness. However, there is wide variation in sexual power as in any other human activity. I remember some-one reciting that three girl friends got married on the same date and decided to go for honeymoon also to the same destination/hotel and decided to relate their first night experience (speak to each other by their coded language as to how they speak the morning salutation “Good morning” on the breakast table when they meet in the hotel restaurant next morning).

Next morning, one girl meekly pronounced ‘Good morning’ indicating that sex union was not very satisfactory, the other girl said very happily, “Very Good Morning” and the third girl said “Good morning, Good morning, till morning”.

And all persons can enjoy a very satisfying sex relationship provided they use the above breathing mantras to boost their sex power. Since all glandular activity and the hormones secreted are essentially protein in composition, a balanced nutritious diet of protiens, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is required to provide fuel to the body and the sex activity. Honey, raisins (dried grapes), milk, grains, nuts, raw sugar (Gur), mangoes, all boost sex power. Onion / Garlic help to clean the arteries of fatty deposit to give greater erectile power. A mixture of a spoonful juice each of Ginger, Onion and honey is a very good aphrodiasic.

There are also other powerful aphrodiasics available in the market, particularly the most recently advertised potent aphrodiasic called DHEA – the short name of medicine “dehydroepian drosterone” which is converted in our body to “testo-sterone” and ostrogen. As we age, levels of DHEA slowly drop in our body which can be supplemented now by taking this newly manufactured drug orally, but many scientists are suspicious about its long term side harmful effects like any other drug, taken for a long time.

There is also a very potent drug called Nux Vomica, used both in Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine as well as in Homoeopathic system of Medicine. This is a polychrest medicine, extracted out of the seeds of the fruit of tree- strychnos Nux Vomica, grown in Cormandal coast in India and Cochin China. This medicine is also a potent aphrodiasic and potent polychrest medicine to cure many many human diseases including drunkeness and many stress related diseases.

Similarly, there is also a herb-called Ashwagandha (Asgandh) long known in Ayurvedic system of medicine. This again is a very good aphrodiasic and is known to give the power of a stud, as its name suggests, and a nerve tonic and a polychrest medicine.

Similarly, another Indian Herb — SHATAVARI (Asparagus racemosus) is an all round rejuvenating and sex boosting tonic specially for women.

And also there is another potent aphrodiasic called Yohimbinum . It is a powerful stimulant of the genital function in males and is good medicine in the congestive stage of old men, but it should be taken diluted, otherwise it can harm the system.

But, all aphrodiasic medicines are harmful and violent like Alcohol which when taken gives us a feeling of being on the (op of the world for some time but next morning, it gives us the dirty look of a hangover, with headache etc.

However, the above breathing mantras help us to develop sex power slowly and steadily in the most natural manner by recharging our life battery by filling our ‘BEING’ with pranic life energy and by supplementing it with good nutritious diet. And thus we can continue to enjoy sex – as long as we want, and at any age. Age is no barrier to sex activity, though the age of 50 years is a turning point in sexual activity as “ordained by nature”. For men, it is “Men- O- Pause”, while for women it is the menopause period, when the mensturation cycle ceases. And at this juncture, some men will give a full stop to their sex activity thinking that sex is for procreation purpose and now enough is enough. But there are other men, who want to carry on and on, even beyond 80 years. As long as there is breath, there is sex, and it also depends to a great extent on the genes we inherit, the environment we live in and ultimately the key to sex is held by the conjugal partners and our mind.

And the ultimate aim of all sex tantrics is also – An Erect Phallus, to be kept in Erect position for as long as possible preferably for more than an hour which is also achievable through the medium of above breathing mantras.

But , it is this stage of life beyond 50 years when we need the help of these sex boosting breathing mantras to help us to continue to enjoy stimulat ing sex throughout life, though the frequency of sex relationship dwindles with advancing age but sex is there till our last breath. There is no better rejuvenating feeling than when we get an erection in old age in the morning hours because this is a sign of youth. So let us keep up this youthifying invigorating sex activity with the help of these sex boosting breathing mantras for as long as we wish. Last but not the least there is no better aphrodiasic than the sweet kiss of a lovely heart – throb; while an erect phallus can stimulate any willing woman partner.

“Power is the ultimate Aphrodiasic”
— Henry Kissinger

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  1. Can this help a lady who is 65 with low libido & doesn’t feel that she needs a man to fulfill her “diminished” sexual desires?

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