Pranic Healing: Life Revival Mantra

Life is another name for breathing and circulation of pranic life energy in our body, while it is the lungs which help us to breathe, but it is the heart which circulates the blood loaded with oxygen, glucose and other nutrients to reach each and every cell in our body. When we fall prey to some disease, then our breathing is the first casuality i.e. our breath becomes shallow and erratic and thus heart is not able to give the full supply of oxygen and pranic life energy to all parts of the body, thus further compounding the disease. In order to restore our natural healthy breathing, we can take tha help of the word – ‘SANJEEV.

1) Inhale with the word = SANJ
Exhale with the word = JEEV

It is the simplest single stage breathing mantra which simulates the natural healthy breathing as nearly as possibe. Inhale with the help of the word SANJ’ spoken inwardly to breathe in softly, rhythmically and as deeply as possible without causing any violence to our body and similarly exhale with the help of the word – ‘JEEV. This breathing mantra restores the breathing to its normal pattern, thus helping to restore our health. How it achieves this?

i) First by helping to start the breath from its seat of origin in our body about 7 cms below the navel. Now, the word S also originates from the same place in our body, as the breath. Thus, I call ‘S’ the seed word for the start point of the inhale breath. Both the breath and the word ‘S’ originate midway between Navel and the bottom of the spine.

ii)Secondly, the word ‘SAN’ helps to inhale the breath upto the other extremity of breath- the Infinity – the seed word for which is AN. This Infinity constitutes the Super consciousness, the Infinitum pranic life energy source from which we draw in our life energy. We are united with God through the breath, At one end is our BEING and at the other end the super consciousness and this breath is the connection between the two, because with the last exhalation, we are no more.

iii) Thirdly, the word ‘SA’ helps to awaken the divine Kundalini Energy stored as Bank Balance of the potential life energy, and it is through breath, that this kundalini becomes kinetic and finds a passage through the so called ‘SUSHUMNA” Channel located in the spine to flow upwards to the crown chakra in the head, when the kundalini power illuminates us with the ‘GOD’s Effulgence of Glory & Bliss.

iv) Inhale mantra ‘SANJ’ ends with the word J which alongwith ‘Y’ are the seed words for ‘Heart Chakra’ and this is how, this mantra helps to strengthen the heart, by drawing in through breath all the pranic life energy with the help of the word ‘SAN’ and deposting it at the station-Heart, with the sonic resonant power of the word ‘J’.

v)Then we exhale with the help of the mantra “JEEV” which in Hindi language literally means-“A LIVING BEING” and life also means the flow of soul energy, which is further enhanced with the power of (he words J & V. As already said above, the word J stands for heart / lung system., circulating blood oxygen/pranic energy throughout the body, and the word ‘V which is seed word lor Swadhistana Chakra which stands lor water principles, and as we know, our body is constituted of 70% water, and each cell of our body contains water both inside the cell as well as outside the cell to help carry out life processes. The word ‘V also strengthens the WOMB, and the lower intestines where the digested food and nutrients alongwith water are absorbed by the blood for circulation and supply to all the cells/neurons in our body. The word ‘V also strengthens elimination process of Stool.

Thus, the inhale / exhale breathing mantra complete in the word SANJ — JEEV, helps us to draw in all the needed pranic energy from the Infinitum source, and then helps to circulate it throughout the body. Thus, it is indeed a great health imparting mantra, particularly good for Heart.

Once, in a social function, held to celebrate the marriage anniversary of a friend named ‘SANJEEV, I was asked to speak a few words, at the end of party. After thanking and congratulating the couple, I advised Madam Sanjeev that in order to impart further shine to her personality, she should daily breathe for a few minutes, with her husband’s name- SANJEEV, as it will impart three fold benefits.

“Saihhit Kee SaihhiL Hoi Mohabbat Kee Mohabbat Hai Aur Ibadat Kee Ibadat Hai”

At this, the whole gala gathering burst into hearty laughter and clapped joyously. The above couplet means:- With this, you will become

(i) An Embodiment of Health
(ii) An Effulgence of Love
(iii) And an offering of prayer to your husband.

And this poetic utterance becomes particularly relevant, because in India, husband has so far been the sole bread earner and is thus given the elevated status of a Semi – God in the household.

The Mantra Sanjeevini

The word SANJEEV derives its name from a Life Saving Herb called ‘SANJEEVINI’ grown in the the Himalayan Mountain region, as mentioned in the Ramayana Epic, when during the fight in the Lankan War, – the brother of Lord RAM — Lakshman was injured seriously, and the physician attending on Lakshman told that his life could be saved only if the herb- Sanjeevini is immediately brought from the Himalayan Region, thousands of miles away. Lord Hanuman a great devotee of Lord Ram through his Yogic Powers, flew immediately to the Himalayas, but was not able to distingiush and recognise the herb — Sanjeevini, from other herbs grown in that region. Then, with his sheer might and power, he lifted that portion of th Himalayan rock alongwith the herbs and brought it well in time to save the life of Lakshman.

And recently on 9th April 1995, I was invited by a Homoeopathic Doctors Society called Hahnemann. Dhanwantri Medical Society group, Gurgaon to give a small talk on the birthday of Dr. Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathic system of medicine. And it was a Strange coincidence that it also happened to be I lie “Ram Naumi” — Lord Ram’s Birthday, which is celebrated as a holiday by Government of India. Realizing this happy coincidence, there and then, I coined a small poem, thus :-

“Bhagwan Ram Kai Bhagtauh Main
Hanuman Jee Sai Nheen Hai Kowee Baihter
Aur Duniya Kai Doctoroon Main
Doctor Hahnemann Sai Nheen Hai Kowee Baihter
Aur Doctor Hahnemann Aur Hanuman Jee Kai
Yaksan Nam Sai
Yakeen Hau Jala Hai Mujhai
Kaih Zroor Yeh Bhagwan Ram Kai Vardan Ka Ntija Hai
Keh Hanuman Jee Nai Janam Liya Hai
Doctor Hahnemann Bankar.
Bhaija Hai Bhagwan Ram Nai
Daikar Yeh Vardan Aur Puraskar
Dikha Dow Duniya Kau
Zara See Dawa ka Chamatkar
Kar Dow Duniya Kai Her Mreez Kau Baihter
Zara See Chutke Bher Methhee Dawa Dekar

This poetic rendering in Urdu is translated thus :
“In this whole world:
There is no one better than Hanuman
Amongst the Devotees of Lord Ram
And there is No One better than Doctor Hahnemann
Amongst the Doctors of Medicine
To Cure Millions of People
With the magic of
Millionth part of the Medicine
This is Surely
The Blessings of Lord Ram
Granted to Novice but devoted Hanuman
To take Birth as Lofty Dr. Hahnemann
Seeing from the wonderful Similarity
In the names of Hanuman
And Dr. Hahnemann :”

The word “Sanjeevini” can also be used as Inhale / Exhale breathing mantra.

2) Inhale with = SANJ
Exhale with = JEEWINI

The Exhale mantra Jeewinni is a two stage exhale mantra and thus doubly potent, because it helps to exhale from the conscious organs like eye sight/ brain, (N) thus creating vacuum, to be filled in with pranic life energy during inhalation with SANJ.

And I am sure, millions of persons can get rid of their ailments simply by inhaling/exhaling properly with the simplest breathing mantras ‘Sanjjeev. Sanjeewinni, the cure also speeded up by the hypnotic influence of the magical name of the life saving herb – Sanjeewinni. A person lying on the death – bed will surely revive if he/she recites sincerely the life saving mantra – SANJEEVINI.

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