Pranic Healing: Mantra to Cure Obesity

Fat in our muscles is the reservior of energy, it is also the body’s cushion, it is like a Bank Balance of Energy, but like all good things, too much of every thing is bad. And obesity means a ‘FATSO/COUCH — POTATO PERSONALITY’, which is a complex combination of un-wise over-eating and heredity programmed into our genes.

Obesity also developes with age, because the metabolic rate of our body starts slowing down by about five percent every ten years, after the peak youth age of about 20 years. Since, mostly our food intake remains the same as a habit, our body weight starts increasing as we advance in age, for some years, and the extra calories getting stored as fat in our body.

Then, accumulation of too much fat becomes a curse, as it entails an extra work for the Heart, thus, starting a chain reaction of various associated diseases in our body, particularly awkward appearance of abdominal bulge, which makes us less mobile, and leads to further accumulation of fat. Then, a time comes, when a person wants to put a stop to all this over accumulation of fat on the body. About 30% of population in an affluent country like USA is obese and almost the same percentage of affluent people in India also suffer from obesity, which thus can be called an off-shoot of affluence, except those cases, in which it may be due to some hormonal dis-order in the body.

Naturopaths advise food restriction, fasting for a few days or fasting on juices or on fruits and salads to fight the obesity as well as all other diseases. They also advise to reduce the intake of common salt, which can become the cause for retention of water in the body, causing increase in weight.

But, living on fruits and juices is something which is not easily acceptable and very difficult to adhere to for long periods, though diet restriction with balanced nutritious diet is more easily accepted, except an occasional freedom to go gay gay; otherwise, what is this life worth living for?

And one of the most natural and the best of all methods to fight obesity is to regain the depleted metabolic rate in a slow and steady manner by rejuvenating ourself, by recharging our body’s life battery with pranic life energy and boost body’s glandular activity by the resonant sonic power of certain healing words, in the form of breathing Mantras as follows :-

1) Inhale with = SARA — JAHAN
Exhale with = NIHI — JEE — RISHI

The inhale mantra means – the whole universe the total creation of God and in this, the word ‘S’ is the seed word for the origin of the breath located about mid-way between the Navel and the bottom of the spine. It also represents the basic sex chakra i.e. Muladhara Chakra which stands for earth principle and gives power to the legs. The word ‘S’ also represents Swadhishtana Chakra which represents water principle, strengthens the ovaries, and the lower instestines. It also kindles the divine kundalini to take it alongwith breath to the next chakra

(ii) called Navel/ Manipur Chakra/ Solar plexus for which the seed word is ‘R’ which helps to give fire power to digest the food, by helping to activate the abdominal glands including pancreatic glands for proper assimilation of glycogen.

(iii) The words F/J/Ya are the seed words for lungs/heart chakra, these help the heart for proper blood circulation and the lungs to do optimum breathing.

(iv) The word H is the seed word for Vishudha/ throat chakra, this activites the Thyroid gland which regulates Carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body, by helping to secrete proper quantity of its hormone ‘Thyroxine’. The word H also helps to re-establish the communication link between the lower body and the brain which begins to sap with old age with consequent accumulation of fat and salt deposits in the blood arteries.

v) The word ‘N’ is the seed word for brow chakra and it strenghtns the left brain, and the pituitary master gland, to boost our immunity. It is this mind which revels in enjoying all the sense pleasures and to fight obesity, we must develop control over our taste sense, to control eating too much of tasty and delicious snacks. And once we get determined to control our obesity, over – eating etc gets subordinated to it, because thought is our being. And it is common knowledge that no method of obesity control will succeed if we continue to gulp food indiscriminately beyond our biological needs.

But, above all, it is the Aroma of good food which prompts the mind to enjoy to its brim, to its full satisfaction. But it is the intelligence which is the charioteer of our mind which will help us to control this uncontrolled craving which is the root cause of all our troubles in this world including over-eating and the resultant obesity.

Thus, inhale by speaking the mantra inwardly, smoothly, rhythmically and non-violently, the breath moving alongwith our thought as we breathe in. Inhale/exhale with the help of the above mantra for atleast 5 to 10 minutes in the morning as well as in the evening and slowly and steadily we will start feeling totally rejuvenated with a glow on our face. And soon in a year or so, it will help us to look 15 to 20 years younger than our chronological age, and lighter in weight by about five kg. Thus, Hurray, we have won the battle of the bulge. We can also substitute another breathing mantra with good benefits.

2. Exhale with = PHROOOON
Inhale with = PHRAAN

We should first exhale with above mantra ‘phroooh’, by keeping half the mouth open. This will exhale out the accumulated gas in our stomach/ abdomen, thus cleansing the abdomen before it is, filled in by inhaling with ‘PhraaaafV. While exhaling with the mantra ‘phrooooh’, we simultaniously shrink in the abdomen to help the collected abdominal gases to get phrooed out plus it gives exercise to all the abdominal organs including the pancreas, the liver and the spleen and the intestines – the total abdomen getting to and fro vibratory exercise, because the abdomen returns to normal when we inhale with the word phraaaah.

The word ‘PHR’ is the combined seed word for the lungs (PH) and abdomen (R) and is thus very helpful in energizing our lungs/abdomen system. Do it for 10 to 30 times as convenient. We can do phrooooh/ phraaaah quickly in rapid succession. Though this is some- what violent, but some violence becomes necessary to shed off the fat from the abdomen.

3. Another very suggestive inhale/exhale mantra is given to improve the action of the liver to fight obesity

Exhale with = IMPROVE LIVER
Inhale with = LAVARA — PRAMMA

We can supplement the above breathing regime with the following steps necesary for achieving quicker results in fighting the battle of the bulge.

a) Have a sun-bath daily for about 10 minutes or so as it suits you. This will improve the metabolism and absorption of calcium in the body. If you are near the sea-beach, roll yourself on the hot sun-baked sand for some time, playfully and then have a dip in the sea with the sea waves splashing against your body to charge it up and massage it lovingly.

b) When stressed, warm your both feet in luke -warm water for about 10 minutes. This will improve circulation in the body and melt away the fat, this is particularly good in winter season.

c) Take a hot/cold bath daily, It will improve circulation of blood.

d) Enjoy your daily walk for 45 minutes or so, there is no better natural aerobic exercise than walking. It will also help to shed the extra fat from the abdomen.

e) In an office with sedentary type of job, it would be good practice to stand up and to move around for a minute or two every one hour to give movement to our legs/mind system. This re-establishes the communication between the legs and the brain through the spine and also gives a dynamism to the sleeping metabolism.

f) If you can make the habit of dancing regularly in the evening with 2 to 4 dance nos; this is the best method to shed extra weight. Besides giving movement to the whole body, it elevates our spirits, you can also dance with the musical cha-cha breathing mantra given in this book. This dance mantra can be called the capsule of obesity reduction.

g) Another easy way to increase the heat to digest food and thereby shed body fat/weight is to sleep for about first twenty minutes by lying on the left side of the abdomen, in order to make the right nostil open up for breathing. This right nostril breath is called the sun (hot) breath which heats the body to digest the food.

h) For similar purpose, we can drink a glass of very luke-warm water every two hours in a cold season. This boosts metabolism and helps to reduce the weight/fat in our body.

Recently, there is a good news for obese people, that scientists in USA have discovered the protein called Leptin which helps to reduce about 30% of body-fat but it is yet to be proved that this hormone is safe.

Let me stress here, like Leptin, all other hormones, secreted by various glands in our body are all one type of the protein or the other. Similarly, the hormone ‘Thyroxine’ secreted by Thyroid, useful for Fat & Carbohydrate metabolism is a protein containing iodine in its structure, and hence the great importance of providing balanced nutrition of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in their proper quantities within the bio-logical needs of our body. Thus, we are now well prepared and equipped to fight this most difficult battle of the obesity. Buck up.

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