Health Farming: Selected Exercises that Can Be Done in Twenty Minutes

Selected exercises which could be done in twenty minutes with small rest periods are listed:

1. Toe Touching

Stand erect, feet together arm at side. Take a deep breathe. Raise head, breathe in deeply breathe out slowly as you go down. Touch the floor out side left foot, come up little and down again to touch floor between feet, and touch between feet once more. Come up and touch out side right foot. If you can not touch just move in that direction. Hold your breathe when you come up to the starting position. This exercise will strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. Start with 5 and go up 20 or more.

2. Lateral Bending

Stand erect, feet about thirty centimeters apart, left arm extended over head, bent at elbow. Breathe in deeply. Keeping the back straight bend sideways to the right and slide your right hand along the right leg as far as possible and at the same time press to right with left hand. Come up a few centimeters and press to right again. Breathe out as you come down. Hold your breathe coming back to starting position. Same way repeat to left. This exercise will help to trim things and waist. Start 5 and go up to 20 or more.

3. Knee Raising

Stand erect, feet together arm at side. Take a deep breath. Raise the left knee as high as possible, holding just below knee and shin with hands. Keep your back straight throughout. Breathe out slowly while raising the leg. Hold your breathe while coming to starting position. Repeat with the right knee. Do it five times and go up to 20 or more. It will help you abdominal and thighs muscles.

4. Arm Circling

Stand erect, feet about thirty centimeters apart. Swing both arms in circular motion clockwise. Breathe slowly and deeply throughout. This exercise will help arm muscles and to lift your breasts. Do it 20 times and go up to 50 or more.

5. Squats

Stand erect, feet slightly apart. Take a complete breathe in. Sit down to lowest possible level while breathing out. Raise your heels when you sit down. Hold your breathe while coming up. Repeat 10 times and go upto 30 or more. You can do the same exercise more effectively also by not raising your heels.

6. Leg Raise

Lie on back on hard surface. Arms on your side. Raise both the legs together without bending the knees as far as you can, and slowly try to achieve the right angle position, lowering and raising the legs slowly. Breathe in while in relaxed lying position, breathe out while lifting the legs, hold your breath while lowering the legs. Do it 5 times and go up to 15 or more. A good exercise to reduce your paunch.

7. Sit Ups

Lie on your back on a firm surface. Keep arm on your side. Legs straight and together. Keep your back as straight as possible and move to a sitting position. Slide hands along the legs during this movement, finally touch the toes. Breathe in while lying down and breathe out while coming up and touching the toes. Do not push yourself too hard while going to touch toes. Gradually you will do it better. Keep feet on floor, in the beginning, if necessary hook them under a chair. Five times and go up 20 or more. This is good for your bulging abdomen

8. Slide Leg Raising

Lie on your side, leg straight lower arm stretched over head along floor, top arm used for balancing. Raise upper leg as far as possible. Do not push too hard. Gradually your leg will reach a perpendicular position to the floor. Do half the number raising right leg. Breathe in while lying down. Breathe out while raising the leg, hold your breathe while bringing your leg down. Do it three times on each side and go up to 20 or more. This is a good exercise to reduce hips and thighs.

9. Side Leg Overs

Lie on your back, legs straight and together, arms stretched side ways at shoulder level. Raise the left leg to a perpendicular position, drop it across body and try to touch left toes with right hand, raise leg to a perpendicular position and return to starting position. Repeat the same movement with right leg. Keep body and legs straight throughout and shoulders touching the floor. Breathe in while lying down and breathe out during raising the legs and taking it across. Hold your breathe till you come to starting position. Do it 3 times with each leg and go upto 10 above. It is good for your thighs and hips.

10. Chest And Leg Raising

Lie flat on the floor, face down, arm on your side. Take a deep breathe in, raise your head, both shoulders and legs at the same time as far as possible. Keep legs straight. Breath out slowly as you raise your chest and legs up, hold your breath as you bring them down. This is good exercise to strengthen your back. Do it 5 times and go up to 12 or more.

11. Push Ups

This is the well known India “Dund”. Lie on the floor facing down, hands under shoulders, palms flat on the floor. Straighten arms, lift the body and raise hips to highest point. This is the starting position. Then the head travels slowly down in the direction of the arm and after the nose has reached the floor level, then chin and chest are brought to the same level. Continue in an arch till final position when arms are fully extended, and the whole spine goes in a backward arch. Take a deep breath in, in the staring position and breathe out slowly during the movement. This is a difficult exercise and to make it easy the hands can be placed on higher level than feet. Start with 3 and go up to 6 or more. This is a good exercise to strengthen your arms, chest and back.

12. Jogging, Half Knee Bends

Simulate to run in one spot raising your feet at least 15 centimeters from the floor. After 1 minute of spot running do 10 half knee bends. Start with hands on waist feet together, body erect. Bend at knees and hips, lowering body until calf and thigh form a angle of about 110 degrees. Now jump as high as 15-20 centimeters and land on straight legs. Repeat it 10 times and do stop running for 1 minute again. This combination will break your monotony and will be more effective. Do slow deep breathing while doing these exercise. 3 minutes to 6 minutes or more.

Let me add one short exercise to be done in the course of the day; 6 to 10 times a day. It is good to trim your paunch. Tense your muscles of abdomen, hold it for 6 seconds and hold your breath. It will help your tummy to reduce.

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