Health Farming: Treatment for Flat Feet

When the arches of the feet are flattened, the patient feels pain while walking. This can be congenital or. Congenital is seen in children an can be corrected by plaster cast. Acquired flat look normal, when held, but when the person stands up they get flattened. The foot points laterally when the child walks. The knee also points laterally, that means that the entire leg has rotated at the hip joint.

Most of the deformities are produced during the first four months, when the child is too young to turn young to turn over. In whatever position the child is placed, just after birth, it knows its position of comfort. The child is placed in the frog position, the leg becomes fixed in outward rotation. Another deformity occurs in the feet. Stretched muscles become weak and contracted muscles become powerful.


Sit in a vajrasan position. It will lengthen the tendoachilles tendon (the most prominent tendon at the back of the heel).

Walk on lateral border of feet.

When standing shift your weight on lateral border of feet.

While walking, keep the position of feet right.

Picking up objects from the toe. The child should sit on a low chair and pick up a marble with the toes and put it in a container left for left feet and right for right feet.

Stand on a large book or stair trying to grasp the edge with the toes.

Sit in a chair and turn the feet down in and up.

Stand on the lateral border of the feet. He may need to hold on to something to keep the balance.

Stand on the pigeon toe and try to raise yourself on the toes.

Stand in front of the wall about 1 1/2 feet away pigeontoe position, heel firmly touching the ground, go forward and touch the wall with your chest. You should feel a pull at the back of your heel and calf muscles. You can adjust the position of the feel if you don’t feel the pull or your heels are raised as you go forward. Teach the child to walk keeping feet straight in front of him.

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