Pranic Healing: The Sound of Music in Pranic Healing

We, human beings, are the privileged species who have been endowed with the power of intelligent speech, and the words which we utter can work wonders in our life. Some words can lull us to sleep, other words can soothe us and some other words can make us laugh and sing. But, some words can also injure our feelings and make us cry and weep.

Still other words can move us into acts of bravery and fame. Some proper words from a National Leader can move the whole nation into an act of War or Peace. Thus, each word has its own sonic vibration energy which can resonate with our Being to move us into some form of action, which is another name of life flow.

Thus, each word has its subtle effect on our body organism and sometimes a word has such a powerful effect that it reverberates in our body and mind system again and again to cast a shadow of its effect throughout our life.

And Word can effect us deeply is conveyed aptly in the following proverb:

“A bullet, an arrow, and a word of mouth once released, cannot be brought back”. Thus, we have to be very cautious in our utterances.

And according to Hindu Sages, the Primordial sound vibration heard by enlightened ones is the all reverberating sound of AUM’, which the Hindu sages utter to unite with God. And in Bible also, they refer to the Holy Word “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God”, and Muslims speak the Holy Kalma (words) and the Sonorous Word mentioned in Buddhist Scriptures.

And also according to Hindu Sages, Man is a conglomerate of seven energy focal centres which they call Chakra or Wheels of Energy Flow, each Chakra is resonated by one seed word and influenced by other associated words and a list of such words is given on page 323 of “The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga” by Swami Vishnudevananda published by Pocket Books, New York, Sept., 1972. And I am dedicating this chapter hereby to his memory because he was one of the greatest authority on Yoga.

As per the Hindu Sages, all these Chakras are located in the Astral Body surrounding our gross body and the Astral and the gross body are interconnected with each other, with vital life currents, which impart/exchange energy with our body.

And a human being is a network of energy pathways, thinking, bubbling and kicking, deriving its energy from the charioteer of our body – the soul which we in Hindi language call Atmah which manifests in our body as Breath. This in turn, derives its motive power from the Earth, the Water, the Solar energy, the Air, the Ether and above all the Super-Conscious Life Energy Field with which we constantly exchange energy through our seven Astral body Chakras.

And this exchange of life energy can be enhanced by breathing with a mantra, if designed, to be in consonace with natural breathing. Astral Chakra has a seed word with which it resonates to vibrate and exchange energy with our body to its maximum potential. And mantra is a combination of these seed words and designed to be in phase with the location of the reflected position of these Astral Chakras in our body, otherwise it can harm our body as it happens when we are in Anger and speak all hotch potch, many of the spoken words being out of phase with our natural breathing, thus causing hindrance to the natural flow of breathing.

This results in the deficient supply of oxygen/nutrients to the brain/heart. Then, immediately, sympathetic nervous system in the brain directs to release the hormone adrenalin etc which raises the heart rate and makes the liver to release more glycogen to save the brain/heart from damage. Thus, a properly designed Mantra in consonanc with natural breathing can help to enhance the recharging of our life battery, while a disconsonant mantra can harm our body.

Thus, all the mantras given in this book are designed to be in consonance with natural breathing, and all these breathing mantras are to be spoken softly and silently (inwardly) with mouth closed to help augment the exchange of life energy from the Astral Chakras with the focussed power of thought. And in this book, we are concerned with how, breathing with a particular mantra affects our gross body and strengthens its associated, endocrine gland. Therefore, we shall not refer to the Astral body henceforth.

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