Pranic Healing: Stimulating Sahasrara / Crown Chakra with Their Seed Words

Seed word = M
Gland = PINEAL
Inhale Mantra = PRAM MAN
Exhale Mantra = PREMIM

This is located in the crown of our head. It strengthens mind/ right upper brain. It also helps to strengthen the pineal gland, which is called the Transducer of Super-Consciousness Field.

This is the ultimate chakra in our head which unifies with the super consciousness to receive commandments from the spiritual-mind, guiding our trueself. When the kundalini energy reaches this centre, our whole Being begins to illuminate like a Lamp unto ourself and to all others. It is the spiritual gateway of our total BEING to attain enlightenment. That is why it is called the chakra of thousand-fold un-foldment and blossoming of our Being. The pineal gland releases the principal hormone -Melatonin which removes depression from the mind.

The word ‘PR’ has been added to help inhale/ exhale from the Brow and Crown chakras fully to stimulate them properly. The word ‘PR’ helps to breathe hilly from both abdomen (R) and from the lungs (P) as explained later.

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