Reiki Healing: Reiki Certification

Reiki I: Reiki is a very simple technique that does not require any special talent and tools. Even children can learn it easily and can apply it. First degree training gives 20 per cent power transfer, which is sealed in the student. First degree is usually taught in a two-day workshop. During this time the student is given an idea about the history of Reiki, i.e. the story of Dr. Mikao Usui who rediscovered Reiki.

The basic hand positions are also taught for self treatment and for treating others. Altogether four attunements are given — two on the first day and two on the second day. These attunements make the person feel the Reiki energy by increasing the heat, tingling or pulsations in the hands. In addition, several exercises like partner treatment, group treatment (figure given below) etc., and meditations like centring are also taught. At the end of the session after clearing the doubts which may be expressed by the participants, first degree certificates are awarded. People are encouraged to treat self, relatives, friends, etc.

Reiki II: This is not awarded until at least 30 days after the first degree certification. Reiki first degree deals with only touch healing, but after the second degree, a Reiki channel can send healing beyond time and space, with a four times higher level of energy than Reiki I. First degree attunements help in intensifying the energy level in the physical body whereas second degree attunements help in intensifying the energy level in the etheric body. This attunement stimulates the Ajna chakra by which the intuitive power increases.

In Reiki II, a connection is made between a person who is sending Reiki and the person who is receiving it. This is done with the help of a key of the first symbol called bridge making symbol. The second symbol is used to remove the obstacles on the way and to remove blockages in the Aura and the physical body of the patient. This symbol acts as a block removal symbol. Finally, a third symbol is used to increase the energy level. This symbol is called energy intensifying symbol. So, distance Reiki is done with the help of symbols. These symbols are the symbols which are referred to in the ‘Lotus Sutras’ and are very sacred and secretive. Though these symbols are published in some books by some authors, I would not like to discuss them, as I consider them to be sacred.

One must remember that in distant healing a connection is made between the sender and the receiver like a coded wireless radio transmitter and receiver. In the second degree, attunement is given along with the three keys or symbols and absentee healing is taught. A second degree certificate is presented at the end of the session and participants are encouraged to send Reiki beyond time and space. In our class, we encourage our participants to give Reiki energy to orphans & destitutes in our country, and to the people who are suffering from diseases like cancer, AIDS, and also to unforeseen victims like war victims, and cyclone victims. The students are advised to practise for a minimum period of 90 days for detoxification and self cleansing.

Reiki III: The third degree is divided into two parts viz. 3A & 3B.

3A: This degree allows you to accelerate the treatment time, deals with mental and emotional problems of the patient.

3B: This degree allows a person to teach Reiki and confer the first and second degree through power transfers. It can be conferred only by an individual who has received the special Reiki keys rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui. The person, who is interested in 3B, should be totally dedicated and committed to teach the Usui system of natural healing.

Once initiated into first degree, anyone can heal, and it does not require special talents nor it can be done wrongly. The more the healer uses Reiki, the stronger it becomes. Reiki will never leave one sealed during attunements, except if he attempted to misrepresent the process by claiming to teach and give power transfer without getting the third degree certification. Faith, unconditional love, devotion towards self healing and to heal others who are in distress with affection, are the qualities required for any healer, who wishes to attain higher levels of perfection and to improve one’s personality at all the live different levels — Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intel lectual & Spiritual — in an integrated and holistic manner.

On Being Certified

Now that you are a Reiki master, you realize anytime you touch someone or something, the universal life force energy turns on.

Your Reiki is the Midas touch of healing. Yet don’t be disillusioned even if after your first-degree certification you occasionally experience a physical or emotional distress. Reiki is not Nirvana or heaven or omnipresent bliss ; though compared to what some people have chosen to suffer and how segments of the medical community treat (or can’t treat) certain ailments, it may seem that way to the healed client.

Disease and subsequent ailments will remain an aspect of mass consciousness for some time to come in this world. So when you find yourself in a lowered energy state, remember Reiki works on you too! And don’t hesitate to request the aid of other Reiki therapists to magnify the universal life eneigy flow in you. The increase of universal life energy through Reiki affects your emotional health more than physical health.

Reiki is an impetus to spiritual growth. Follow the happenings of life, they will lead you to places and people that will promote inner growth. Focal points of priorities of living will be altered. More and more you will find a quiet honesty about your actions and your lifestyle. Be prepared for growth and spiritual healing.

So use your hands…in mixing foods, vitalizing water, and healing in all its myriad forms.

Your touch will feel good to others, too. Go, hug lots of people!

Be prepared to experience growth, consciousness expansion and spiritual strength.

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