Reiki Healing: Treating Infants, Plants, Animals, Food and Assorted Odds and Ends

Pregnant women enjoy Reiki treatments because they help to alleviate some of the minor and major complaints of pregnancy such as morning sickness in the first trimester, and later, lower back pain. Reiki also helps to soothe women as emotions begin to fluctuate due to the large amount of hormones being released in the system. The infant itself appears to enjoy Reiki.

During the time my sister was pregnant, the treatments seemed to energize her body, baby’s feet would start to kick and little elbows would poke out. Also, the baby would tend to change positions more often during treatments, while there was still enough free space to move. We used Reiki on my sister during the entire birth process, and treated my niece immediately after birth.

Reiki practitioners, who are involved with gardening, are well aware of the benefits that plants derive from being treated. Seeds that are treated before being planted, tend to grow into healthier plants than those which are not treated. Hold them between the palms of your hands and treat them as long as they draw energy. Seed sprouts in the earth can be treated by holding your hands just above them. Regular treatments given to your vegetable garden help to produce an abundance of vital healthy plants. Flowers and shrubs do very well too when treated with Reiki. Blossoms tend to proliferate, and the growth of shrubs is accelerated. Cut flowers tend to last longer when supported with Reiki, and house plants also react with beneficial results.

Much has been written about the secret life of plants. Scientific tests have been done to show how plants react to our emotions and to music. It has also been found that talking to plants helps to aid in their healthy development. The great success of the Findhorn community in Northern Scotland is world renowned.

In a very barren wind-swept coastal area, a group of people have successfully turned an otherwise unedernourished land into a prolific garden paradise. By incorporating the help of nature spirits, they have successfully tuned in with their environment and have overcome otherwise insurmountable difficulties to produce a lavish abundance of plant growth. Following the example of Findhorn and similar other communities we can accomplish otherwise impossible tasks on the planet by communicating with the elements of nature.

Second degree Reiki practitioners might consider sending treatments to the elementals of certain plants to help them in their work on the Earth. The cooperation between humans and nature writs may result in the rejuvenation of the entire ecological system.

Animals are appreciative recipients of Reiki energy, and most often become very calm and relaxed while treated. Occasionally, you will find a rare animal who rejects the energy, and that must be respected. The average animal, however, will experience the same benefits that humans do. The fact that animals are healed with Reiki treatments, tends to prove that the belief system has little effect on the outcome ol the healing, although faith in any cure does help.

Animal anatomy is very similar to human anatomy, so when treating a specific organ in an animal’s body, you can judge its position fairly easily by its placement in your body. Also, as with treating humans, special attention should be given to areas which draw larger amounts of energy. Covering the endocrine system, whenever possible, is also recommended.

If an animal is restless, or it seems dangerous to treat with hands on, absentee healing can be utilized. Patting an animal before treatment is one way to soothe it. You can then follow your intuition in the placement of your hands. Altogether, you will find Reiki a very practical tool Foi maintaining the health of your pets.

Reiki can be used to energize an assortment of objects. Crystals have already been mentioned. Gem stones and jewellery are also the possibilities, along with an assortment of other objects. We must keep in mind that all matter is vibration at different levels of density — that everything on the physical plane is composed of universal life force energy in different phases of evolution. As all matter is vibration. Reiki can penetrate anything, much like the etheric substance of your body which permeates your environment. It is also possible to clear an environment such as hotel room with Reiki energy, to remove any negative etheric substance.

On the more mundane level, cars and boats can also be treated. These objects actually tend to take on the etheric energy of their owners and become affected by their moods. Have you ever noticed that when you are in negative or “down” cycle, your car tends to break down, or you blow out a sail? Boaters are especially aware of how their boats tend to take on an actual personality. Machines act as our mirrors as they become permeated with our energy over time. They become the anuma to our anumus or the anumus to our anuma. When the two are not in harmony, Reiki treatments are called for, because they can help you to avoid undesirable breakdowns and mechanical mishaps.

Finally, it should be mentioned that food can be enhanced by treating it with Reiki. In most countries around the world, people tend to eat an excessive amount of cooked or “dead” foods. In America alone, the average person eats 75% cooked food and only 25% raw food. In countries with the most centenarians, such as Russia, Bulgaria, the Hunzas in India, and some of the Mayan cultures, the people eat about a 73% raw food diet and 27% cooked food diet.

The raw food provides live enzymes which keep the body young and healthy and prevent the deterioration which causes quick aging in most of the human race. A raw food diet is an important factor in health. When you are in situations which prevent you from obtaining the correct amount of raw, live foods, you can enhance your cooked food with the universal life force energy or Reiki. By just holding your hands above your plate, you can treat your food and afterwards, also treat your belly to aid in the process of digestion.

All matter is composed of the universal life force at different levels of vibration. Reiki, which is channelled and intensified form of this energy, can be used to energize not only living, breathing life forms, but also “solid” matter. You are encouraged to allow your imagination free reign and to use your intuition to explore the endless possibilities.

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