Reiki Healing: How to Do a Reiki Finish?

Reiki Finish:

When the client has accepted all the Reiki needed at one session, conclude his treatment with the Reiki Finish; it’s like “icings on the cake.”

a. On completion of the treatment of the front of the body, draw anticlockwise energy spirals with the index and middle fingers on the body of the patient — beginning at the shoulders down the arms to the finger tips and from the shoulders down along the side of the body to the tip of the toes.

b. Have the client lie on his stomach and bare his back.

c. Put one hand on neck, feel the throat chakra. Keep the hand one inch above the body.

d. Put the other hand on root chakra & feel the energy of the root chakra. Keep the hand one inch above the body.

e. Bring both the hands together in the centre i.e. on solar plexus & heart chakra and balance the energy.

f. If the client has no diabetic tendency, form a ‘V with two fingers and place them at the base of the neck and pull down along the spine. For pancreatic conditions, use the above ‘up’ motion stroke from the base of the spine to the base of the neck, “for this cleanses the blood”.

g. Wash your hands again, or press your fingertips together for 30 seconds to close down the energy flow.

The Reiki treatment is now complete…. yet the effect of the Reiki on the cells and energy flow on the body does not end with the treatment, but continues to build and balances the cells and system.

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