Modern Medicine: Classification Of Drugs And Their Use – Pain-Relieving drugs Anti-emetics and Anti-nauscants and Antindiarrhoelal drugs (including dysentry)

These drugs are used to stop vomiting and to arrest tendency to Nausea and vomiting. Some of such drugs have sedactive ef¬fects, hence the users must not operate machinery, drive car, or move out alone, Some people develop drow- siness also. Rest of the Cautions should be studied from the related literature. Vomit¬ing and Nausea are common symptoms during pregnancy; hence do not prescribe any medicine without medical advice.

Generally used medicines (Brand Names) are: Avomeric, Diligan, Domstal, Doxmate, Dramamine, Emeset, Emidoxion, Gravol, Maxeron, MetoContin Continus, Perinorum, Pregmitoxin, Reglan, Sequil, Stemitel, Tomid, Vertin. etc

Antindiarrhoelal drugs (including dysentry)

1. Bactomet and Bactomet-C
2. Diarlop and Diarlop plus
3. Dyspher-M
4. Furoxqne
5. Emantid
6. Gramoneg
7. imosec-F
8. Insepten-MF (also suspension)
9. Lamofn and Lamotil
10. Lopamide
11. Mesacol
12. Microneg
13. Negadix-M (also suspension)
14. Salazopyrin-EN
15. Enterozyine-M suspension
16. Walamycin.

Note:- Only Trade & Brand Names have been given above.

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