Chromotherapy: Treatment for Skin Ailments

1. Pimples

Pimple is a red swollen blemish that usually contains pus. The most common cause of pimples is acne, a skin disorder which frequently occurs among teenagers.

To cure pimples one should drink 100-200ml of green water 3-4 times a day and apply sun-charged blue coconut oil and give it sunlight through green cellophane paper. Face should be cleaned properly with a mild antiseptic soap three to four times a day.

2. Acne

Acne is a skin disorder mostly among young people that produces many pimples. Acne consists of various kinds of blemishes mainly on the face, upper chest and back. A few blemishes are normal, but severe acne may result in petmanent scarring.

Poor diet, worry and various bad habits are blamed for acne but they have little to do with the disorder. A balanced diet, enough sleep, and exercise and regular washing are good for the complexion and general health but cannot prevent or cure acne.

For acne also sun-charged blue coconut oil should be applied. Drink 100-200ml of green water four times a day. Face should be cleaned properly. It should remain oil free.

3. Ring worm

Ringworm is an infectious skin disease that produces round red areas, especially on the head and the feet.

For its cure the affected part should be washed with blue water twice a day and when it gets dry it should be properly scratched. Sun-charged blue coconut oil or Vaseline should be applied. Doing this for two weeks to two months will provide relief. One should also avoid curd, butter milk, raw milk, and milk products. Do not consume antibiotics, fish and sour fruits.

4. Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition in which areas of skin become red, rough and sore. The inflamed skin may be dry, swollen and crusty or it may ooze fluids.

If the eczema is dry then scratch the area affected so much that a watery substance starts coming out of it. Then wash it with blue water and apply sun-charged blue oil or blue Vaseline and give sunlight through blue cellophane paper. Doing this regularly for two months provides relief.

5. Boils

Boil is a painful infection of the skin and the tissue under the skin. It begins as a red hard lump. Slowly the centre of the lump softens and becomes pus. The bacteria which causes boils enters the skin through the hair follicle. Boils can be prevented by keeping the skin clean. For boils also sun-charged blue coconut oil should be applied.

6. White Marks on the Skin

These white marks occur due to some skin disorder. For this take 200 ml of an equal mixture of green and white water 3-4 times or more every day and take 50ml of orange water after meals. Apply sun-charged blue coconut oil on the white marks and give them sunlight through blue cellophane paper for relief.

7. Burns

Burns may be caused by heat from fire or other sources or by chemicals, electric shock, or over exposure to sunlight. Putting a bandage soaked with blue water provides instant relief. After that sun-chatged blue coconut oil should be applied. It does not let any blister to arise or any mark to stay.

8. Sun Burn

Sun burn is a condition of having painful red skin because of spending too much time in the sun. Some people find strong sunlight highly painful which causes burns on their skin that leads to extreme itching. Apply sun-charged blue coconut oil or blue Vaseline 2-3 times a day. In this ailment the oil applied to the affected area becomes dry within minutes. This helps in quick healing of the burnt areas.

9. Cracked Heels

For cracked heels one can soak the feet for at least 20-30 minutes. This will remove the dead skin and then twice a day apply sun-charged blue Vaseline. Applying sun-charged blue Vaseline will provide relief to the patient and the heels will become soft and beautiful.

10. Chickenpox

Chickenpox is a common, generally mild and contagious disease of the children. The first sign of the disease is a kind of skin rash. Fever, headache and a general feeling of discomfort often accompany the rash. Red blotches first appear on the skin of the back or chest. They change into pimples after a few hours and then into blisters that enlarge and may become filled with a milky liquid. The blistets dry up in a few days and are covered with scabs. The skin rash appears in clusters. New blotches form while old ones change to blisters and dry up.

For its cure one should drink 7-8 glasses of green water according to one’s age. Apply sun-charged blue ghee of cow’s milk on the blotches regularly and give sunlight through blue cellophane paper. Doing this provides relief to the patients and the marks also disappear.

11. Measles

Measles is an extremely contagious disease that causes red rashes all over the body. The disease occurs chiefly in children but adults can also catch it. Measles is caused by a virus. People who have the disease spread it through coughing and sneezing. The first symptoms appear about 10 days after the virus enters the person’s body. A fever, cough, runny nose develop and the eyes become red, watery and sensitive to lingh. In most cases a person has measles only once. During the disease the body produces antibodies. The antibodies provide life long immunity against it.

Slowly rub a few drops of sun charged blue ghee of cow’s milk on the head and face using the lower part of the palm for 5-7 minutes, 3 -4 time a day. By taking 7-8 doses of green water as per one’s age every day provides the necessary relief.

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