Chromotherapy: Treatment for Orthopedic Ailments

1. Backache

If the backache is due to cold then the back should be massaged with sun-charged Ashirwad Mahanarayani oil and should be given heat. If the backache is due to gas then 50-60ml of orange water should be taken three times a day. Massaging the back with sun-charged red oil and keeping it warm provides relief.

2. Pain in the Waist and Spine

This pain is very acute. Due to it the patient experiences a lot of trouble. For its cure one must massage Ashiriuad Mahanarayani oil’m the afternoon and night and give heat and keep the waist and back warm. While giving heat the patient feels that small ants are slowly moving on his back. This means that the polluted enzymes of the body are coming out. This is a symptom of getting cured.

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3. Sprains

On having a ankle sprain one must rub sun-charged Ashirwad Mahanarayani oil. After that the affected area should be dressed with soft and clean cotton. Give it heat and keep it warm. By providing heat at least 2-3 times a day one finds relief in only 2 3 days. One must also take 50-80ml of orange water three times a clay after meals.

4. Pain in the Lower Knee

Due to cold and excessive physical work if one has pain in the lower knee then one must massage sun-charged Ashirwad Mahanarayani oil for quick relief. Remember to massage from downwards to upwards.

5. Pain in the Ankle

Pain in the ankle may be due to a wound or the polluted enzymes of the body. So the tonic of green water should be taken. Massaging the ankle with Ashirwad Mahanarayani oil also helps. I [eat should be provided to the affected area.

6. Tumour in the Neck

Apply sun-charged red oil of sesame seed on the tumour in the neck and provide sunlight through red cellophane paper lor 10 minutes, 1 1/2 hours after sunrise. At night the above said oil should be applied and there should be red light in the room. Taking this cure for 1-2 weeks will provide the necessary relief. Along witli this the tonic of orange and green water should also be consumed so that this ailment does not recur.

7. Severe Pain in the Knee

To relieve pain in the knee one must take 100-200ml oi green water 20-30 minutes before meals and 50-80ml of orange water 8 10 minutes after meals. This green water is a blood purifier (hat removes the polluted enzymes. This orange water helps in digesting food and increasing the red blood corpuscles in the body. Massage with sun-charged red oil of sesame seed twice a day and provide heat after dressing it with cotton. Eat light and easily digestible lood. It is bettet to take foods which are hot in nature.

8. Joint Pain

Joints are often sprained or dislocated. A lot of acidic waste get accumulated in the body that it becomes necessary to first remove the polluted enzymes from the body and to do this the patient should take the tonic of orange and green water. This tonic purifies the blood. Food gets easily digested in the body due to which the body gets strength. Besides this one should take orange water twice a day. The quantity of this water should be 50ml. Ashirwad Mahanarayani oil should be applied on the joints. Exposing the joints to sunlight also provides relief.

9. Severe Pain in the Waist

The waist should also be massaged with Ashirwad Mahanarayani oil at night before going to bed. Give heat to the waist and keep it warm for some time. Doing this process in the afternoon at the time of taking rest will provide relief in 1-2 weeks. Keep taking the tonic of orange and green water. Observe strict avoidance in diet. This will avoid the recurrence of the ailment.

10. Pain in the Shoulders

Massage the shoulders with sun-charged red oil of sesame seed. Give sunlight to the shoulders through red cellophane paper. Doing this for a few days will provide relief.

11. Ache in the Neck

Massage sun-charged red oil of sesame seed on the back below the neck and give it sunlight through red cellophane paper for at least 10 minutes and continue to take the tonic of orange and green water.

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