Acupressure: Acupressure Treatment for Urinary troubles, Failure of Kidneys and Kidney Stone

Urinary troubles (like less urination or stone) :

Press all points and Point Nos. 11 to 15, 18 and 26. Also press the first and second knots of the last finger of both the hands. Also apply cold pack on the abdomen.

Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to promote free and regular flow of blood. This will help the kidneys to function properly and to throw out poisons from the body and you will have clear urine.

For all the problems connected with urinary troubles,, urinary track, including stones, the combination of the following Ayurvedic drugs has been found very useful :

(1) 100 grams of powder of seeds of Eugenia Jambolana (Jamun ke Beej).
(2) 100 grams of powder of Bombax mala baricum-root (Shimla ke Mool).
(3) 10 grams of powder of Asphalt (Shilajeet)-(These are available at Ayurvedic Shops). 8 to 10 grams to be taken every day the first thing in the morning.

Failure of Kidneys : When toxins in the blood cannot be removed through kidney, they gather there and hinder the function of kidneys. More and more toxins gather. The level of Kreatine in the blood increases. This condition is known as Pyletis and patient is asked to go for dialysis; after a few months, the patient is advised to go for transplantation of one kidney. Surprisingly, nobody bothers to find out the root cause of excess toxins. Do not panic. Do the following :

(1) Press all points for 5/6 minutes on each palm + press Point Nos. 3, 4, 8, 11 to 15 + 16, 25, 28 & 26-3 times daily for 1-1 minute each.
(2) Drink 2 glasses of silver charged water reduced from 8 glasses of water. This helps in reducing excess heat and activates the kidney.
(3) Drink one cup of black tea, the first thing in the morning. In case of nausea keep 2 cloves or little sugar in the mouth. After 15 minutes, regular breakfast can be taken.

How to prepare Black Tea : Put 1 teaspoon of leaf tea (any tea will do) in one cup of water. Boil till it becomes half cup. Filter it and add half a cup of ordinary water (not from refrigerator). Drink it hot for 12 to 15 days.

How to find out whether Kidney has started functioning properly : On the first day before you start drinking Black Tea, take your first urine in a glass. It will be observed to be hazy and having bad odour. On the 12th day or 15th day, take the first urine and check it. When the urine is found to be clear and without bad odour, it denotes that kidneys have started functioning normally.

How to prevent failure of Kidneys : Even healthy persons can make a habit of drinking such black tea for 12 days every year-preferably in cold climate. And forget worrying about problem of kidney.

Stone in Kidney : When Thyroid/parathyroid glands do not function properly, the calcium in our food is not digested properly and it is calcified and when it cannot be cleared in urine, it gathers in kidney and forms a stone. In such a case, the above mentioned treatment will be found very useful. Stone will get crushed and be removed in 10/15 days.

Continue the treatment on Point No. 8 and other endocrine glands. When there is no pain when pressed on Point No. 8 it denotes that thyroid/parathyroid glands have started functioning normally and so new stones will not be formed. It may be noted that in case it is Acetate stone (hardly in case of 10 %) it may not be removed with the above treatment. But such cases are rare.

Several patients living, on dialysis or those who were advised transplantation of kidney, have successfully tried the above method.

Root cause : It may be noted that in all cases of kidney problems, always try to find out the root causes and treatment to remove such root causes MUST be taken alongwith above mentioned treatment. In about 90 % of the cases examined by me, I have observed that in case of males, the root cause was venereal diseases, cancer of prostate or HIV developing into AIDS. And in case of females, it is the cancer of uterus, HIV in advanced stage.

Case Study : One lady of about 35 years of age, came to our Free Centre at Arya Samaj, Santacruz(W). She was advised to have transplantation of kidney. Luckily, her mother’s kidney was found to be suitable Imatching and so the operation was to be performed only after ten days. On examination, I found that the root cause was cancer in uterus. She was asked to postpone the operation for just 45/60 days.

She started taking the treatment for cancer of uterus +above mentioned treatment for kidney. She started passing normal urine just in 10 days. After 45 days, she went to the same doctors who had advised her to go for transplantation of kidney. The doctors were surprised with the healthy condition of the patient and declared that she was in good health. Her kidneys were of normal size and functioning properly and as such there was no necessity for the operation for the transplantation of kidney.
Similarly, I have helped avoid over 200 such operations for the transplantation of kidney. Thousands of patients have been happy to stop dialysis. And in the same way, thousands of patients have been able to have the stone removed from their kidneys with the above mentioned treatment.

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