Acupressure: Acupressure Treatment Skin Diseases, Boils, Anemia and Allergy

Skin Diseases : These are not diseases but symptoms showing lack of Vitamin C and indigestion due to sluggish liver, resulting in impure blood. Certain foods mixed and eaten together create poisonous substances in the body and if this poison is not removed from the body by the kidney, it comes out in the form of eruption on the skin, known as skin disease. It is, therefore, advisable not to eat cereals, fish, onions, garlic, citrus fruits and antibiotics along with unwarmed milk, curd and butter-milk. The first urine in the morning can be applied on the affected parts to ensure early cure.

Treatment on all the points together with more Vitamin C (amla, lemon, fruit juice, raw vegetables) groundnuts and til (sesame) in diet will soon cure the disease and also remove the problem of dry skin. Also take health drink (see page 168) Also take treatment to remove excess of heat. Check up Point No. 37, if it hurts immediately start treatment for cancer of the blood.

Boils : Press the Lymph gland Point No. 16 on the middle of the wrist and also take the treatment on Point No. 26. Proper daily treatment will ensure that there are no boils and if there are any, they will soon dry up.

Anaemia : Press all the points and Point No. 37, 3 times daily. Also drink iron charged water and green juice.

Allergy : Press Point No. 21 and take 3 to 4 Calcaria Phos 12x globules or tablets twice a day. Also take Kali Phos 12 or 30, 3-3 pills in the morning and evening. Follow this course of taking Cal. Phos & Kali Phos for 45 days only.

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