Acupressure: Acupressure Treatment for Children’s Problems

Teething : Press on all points especially on Point No. 8. Also give the baby 4 pills 3 times a day from the following mixture :

oz each
Calc. Phos -12 x Calc. Flour-12 x Fer. Phos -12 x Kali. Phos -12 x

Mix them.
Start giving these pills when the baby is 4 to 6 months, that will enable easy teething.

Crying of Children : In case a child cries due to fear, irritation or not being able to sleep, give treatment on all tips of the fingers and toes and back of both the palms or soles.

Overgrowth of the body : Treat all the points daily + Point Nos. 3, 4, 8 & 38.

Undergrowth of the body :

(1) Treat all the points twice daily + all the points of endocrine glands.
(2) Drink two glasses of charged water daily reduced from 4 glasses.
(3) Drink two to three cups of green juice adding to each cup 1 teaspoonful of health powder & 1 tablespoonful of honey. While preparing the green juice, add 25 % sprouted cereals like Mung.
(4) Check as regards worms and remove them, if necessary.
(5) Stop any bad habit if any, cure discharge of ova and semen, i.e. cure problem of white discharge and masturbation.
(6) Do regular exercises. Expose yourself to plenty of sunlight. Do Pranayam as much as possible.

How to increase Height and Weight: Even if the parents are not tall or even below normal; the height of the children can be increased up to the age of 23 years. However, such efforts should be made at the earliest. Take the following treatment :

(1) Take treatment on Points Nos. 3-8, 11 to 15-25 -28 & 38 for children below 15.
(2) Take 1 glass of gold/silver/copper charged water reduced from 2 glasses (up to the age of 7-8) and then 2 glasses reduced from 4 glasses of water.
(3) Take about 75/100 grams of sprouted pulses daily. It should be chewed thoroughly. Jaggery/ sesame can be mixed with them.
(4) Drink 1 to 2 cups of green juice daily adding therein carrots and ginger plus honey.
(5) Do exercises as shown in fig. 23 for correcting spinal cord, at least 8 to 10 times.
(6) Also do exercise on single-bar, jogging, swimming & yogic exercises.
(7) And refrain from abuse of sex-i.e. masturbation. Girls must see that they have regular menses.
(8) With this treatment, even weight will increase and become normal.

Wetting the bed : Press all points plus Point Nos. 11 to 15, 18 and 26. Also press the first and second knots of the last finger of both the hands.

An American Doctor’s nephew and niece had this problem. After they unsuccessfully tried all the forms of treatment, they began giving Acupressure treatment to them. Within a week, these children stopped wetting their beds.

Urinary troubles (like less urination or stone) : Press all points and Point Nos. 11 to 15, 18 and 26. Also press the first and second knots of the last finger of both the hands. Also apply cold pack on the abdomen.

Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to promote free and regular flow of blood. This will help the kidneys to function properly and to throw out poisons from the body and you will have clear urine.

For all the problems connected with urinary troubles,, urinary track, including stones, the combination of the following Ayurvedic drugs has been found very useful :

(1) 100 grams of powder of seeds of Eugenia Jambolana (Jamun ke Beej).
(2) 100 grams of powder of Bombax mala baricum-root (Shimla ke Mool).
(3) 10 grams of powder of Asphalt (Shilajeet)-(These are available at Ayurvedic Shops). 8 to 10 grams to be taken every day the first thing in the morning.

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