Asthma Treatment: Healing Through Pranayama

The breath which enters our body is called ‘Shwas’ or inhalation of air, and that which goes out from our body is called exhalation or ‘Prashawas’. Breath is the life force or vital force or, still better, the sustaining force of our body. Proper balance between inhalation, retention and exhalation forms the very basis of our life (Jeevan). Death is nothing other than existence of this process. It is also subtly called ‘Prana’. Pranayama is divided into three stages.

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Asthma Treatment: Allergic Eczema

In most of such cases family history of allergy cannot be ruled out. Children are more prone to this manifestation though it could occur at any stage in one’s life. In children eczema appears mostly over scalp, cheeks, on and around ears, chin, lip (lower and/or upper). When initial lesions consists of dryness and redness, with pinhead like eruptions.

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Asthma Treatment: Perennial Sneezing or Allergic Rhinitis

Some patients have sneezing and a running nose almost all the year round.

A majority of them complain of a blocked or stuffy nose and of post-nasal discharge as well. Many of them snore at night because of this condition, and develop the habit of breathing through the mouth. They experience discomfort in the ears as well due to a blocking of the ear tubes that open in the throat called eustachian tubes.

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Asthma Treatment: Hay Fever

Bouts of sneezing occuring in a particular season, in medical terminology called seasonal allergic rhinitis and in layman’s language hay fever. It is the commonest form of allergy. Hay fever does not have any connection with hay. It is the seaonsal occurance of sneezing and running of the nose with congestion in the nose and itching in the eyes and nose.

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Asthma Treatment: Urticaria and Pruritus

Pruritus, though and independent symptom, is the leading symptom of urticaria (Hives, Rashes or Nettle rash). Urticaria could be acute or chronic and is an allergic reaction to some allergen in which red and round wheels develop on the skin, ranging in size from small spots to several inches across. In some cases there may be red pimple-like confluences which itch intensely and, as the patient scratches, there is awful burning and restivity, thirst for cold water, fever appearing very rarely. Urticaria could be induced by:

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Asthma Treatment: Enlarged Tonsils and Asthma

Tonsils stand like two sentinels on either side of the pharynx, the middle portion of the throat. They defend the body against germs or other dangerous substances that try to enter our body through the mouth or nose. They try to trap these germs inside their structure and then with the help of lymphatic cells, of which the tonsils are made, procide protective antibodies.

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Asthma Treatment: Acute Laryngitis

Larynx is an organ of voice and an inflammation thereof is called ‘Laryngitis’. When voice is used forcibly, used at high pitch, at a stretch, when infection of any type sets in, there may be pain on swallowing, using voice, speaking or putting any sort of extra strain on the organ will result in laryngitis which is also known as ‘spasmodic laryngitis or spasmodic croup’.

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