Beauty & Makeup: Herbal Remedies for Baldness and Premature Greying of Hair

Herbal remedies for Baldness

1. Grind two or three cloves of garlic with a pinch of collyrium and apply to the hairless patch. In case of irritation, smear butter over the patch.

2. Dissolve a few grains of potassium permaganate in a few drops of water, and apply to the bald patches a few times a day. Continue this treatment for three weeks.

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Health Farming: Treat Diseases Without Drugs

In farming, quality of the seed is of prime importance. A good quality seed will give a good produce. If we give fertilizer, right moisture, sunshine and warmth to a bad quality seed the crop produced will not be as good as that of a good quality seed. The same is true of the human body. If we are lucky to have parents with good health, we will to a large extent inherit good health. The mental health of mothers during pregnancy. It is now realised that even smoking or alcohol or excessive tea or coffee can have adverse effect on the growing baby.

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Health Farming: Physical Fitness for All

Agility, endurance, flexibility and strength are the test of fitness. A combination of qualities that enables a person to perform well in vigorous physical activities leads to physical fitness. Healthy people may be physically unfit because they do not exercise regularly. Good health and physical fitness are the same. Individuals who are physically fit tend to be slenderer and develop greater resistance to disease and recover faster if they do become ill. They are more alert and relaxed.

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Health Farming: Understanding the Body

Health and disease are governed by the laws of nature. The responsibility for one’s health lies within oneself. People are now anxious to find ways and means to preserve health and restore it when it is lost. They are keen to know how to care for their body. They are beginning to realise that unlimited faith in potions and pills cause side effects. Live in harmony with the laws of nature and blessed. Every violation of these laws will bring regret. There are certain mental states like greed, jealously, discontentment, fear, hate, being inadequate or unattractive which cause damage to health. Such people suffer from inner tension.

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Health Farming: When to and When Not to Exercise

Age and Exercise

Many people believe that exercise should be done only in childhood. The life process benefits all ages, though the type of exercise may differ. For children, games are the best, because they are interesting and every child likes to play. Children who get involved in studies and neglect games, should be encouraged to play games. If it is not possible then they should be coaxed to doing exercises. If the child plays a game where only legs are exercised then he should be taught exercises for upper parts of the body also. When a person completes his studies start doing exercises to keep fit throughout his life. This can be supplemented by games or gymnastics whenever possible.

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Health Farming: How to Beat Fatigue

We have a good check fatigue to guide us. It works as a safety value as a limit to exercise. We can gauge the amount of exercise we should take for best results. Beyond that we begin getting fatigued. When we run or do exercises the breath becomes deeper. There is frequent bringing in of more oxygen into the lungs, which gets absorbed in the blood. Carbon dioxide form the blood gets eliminated in to the air while we breathe out. This increase in breath is called “second wind”.

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Health Farming: Yoga and Fitness

Learning Asanas with the help of a book sometimes can be dangerous. You are benefited by Asanas only when the “asan” or your sitting posture is correct while doing it. This is why it is always safer to learn Asanas from a good teacher. I do not recommend shrishasana (Head stand). People who can benefit from Shirshasana are only those who have good health. The weak will benefit the same by doing sarvang asana (Shoulder stand). If you spend 20 minutes a day doing the below mentioned Asanas you can remain disease free.

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Health Farming: Exercises for women

Exercises for women are more important then for men. They gain strength and beauty. If they are strong, they impart strength to their children. If they are weak their children will be weak. Failing marriages can be traced to weakness in the body and low vitality. The failure in marriage will be less if the woman is more alive, more supple and bubbling with health.

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