Alzheimer’s: Treatments in Future

It’s been a century since Alois Alzheimer first spotted the plaques and tangles inside the brain of his patient, Auguste D. Our understanding of the disease that bears his name has since grown considerably, much of it in recent decades. But even as scientists around the world scrutinize the various aspects of this baffling disease, myriad mysteries remain. What exactly is the cause of Alzheimer’s?

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Alzheimer’s: Making Future Arrangements

Having Alzheimer’s doesn’t guarantee that you’ll move to a nursing home someday, but it certainly does increase the odds. As the disease progresses, you may begin to experience wandering and exhibit behaviors diat will become increasingly difficult for your caregiver to manage. You may also require greater physical care than your caregiver can provide.

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Alzheimer’s: Do Herbal Supplements And Vitamins Have A Role?

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is an herbal supplement derived from the plant Huperzia serrata. In China, it has been used for centuries as a treatment for swelling, fever, and blood disorders. Recent clinical trials in China have reportedly shown that huperzine can also benefit people with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Americans Rank Alzheimer’s as Most Feared Disease

Home Instead Senior Care®, the world’s leading provider of home care services for seniors, today announced new survey results revealing that Americans fear developing Alzheimer’s disease more than any other major life-threatening disease, including cancer, stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

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