Health Farming: Exercises for women

Exercises for women are more important then for men. They gain strength and beauty. If they are strong, they impart strength to their children. If they are weak their children will be weak. Failing marriages can be traced to weakness in the body and low vitality. The failure in marriage will be less if the woman is more alive, more supple and bubbling with health.

Swimming is a good exercise. In swimming every part of the body is exercised as you are free to move in all directions like a bird in the air. You are will exercise the things to make them slimmer and rounded. By doing exercises for breast, they can be made firm, bigger and rounded. One’s height cannot be much increased, but a better physique, an improved posture can give the impression of better height. A beautiful woman creates the impression of beauty by her physique, good posture, brightness in her eyes, fresh skin colour and the way she carries her body.

Nerve and Exercises

In modern life, man thinks he is working hard. Yes he does so but often without involving much physical activity. All kinds of modern conveniences make for a less energetic existence. A car restricts walking, an elevator makes stairs superfluous, mental work takes all the time. In fact new gadgets and conveniences have brought about a sudden change in man’s habits. Man was used to cutting wood, carry water and live under primitive conditions. Physical labour was involved at each step. A body used to hard work will not enjoy to be suddenly doing sedentary work. Sedentary habits put an unnatural pressure on the body. It is then that we are prone to nervous breakdown, insomnia, headaches and nervous ailments.

Exercises and Businessmen

Several businessmen will say, ” I have no time for exercises”. Exercises are as important as eating and sleeping. Businessmen who have taken to walking or golf are finding a wonderful release for their tension.

If you do not have the time to take care of your most valuable possession – your body – then you will have plenty of time for being strapped to the sick bed and slowly planning for your funeral. If you look after the body well you will tend to be more ambitious, determined and energetic.

A car needs an oil change, a regular supply of petrol and water and regular tuning. Your body is more sophisticated machine than that of a car and it deserves better care.

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